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Epilady Epic Chic Corded Epilator

The Epilady Epic Chic Corded Epilator features a stylish green and white body with a new, quiet, extra-wide, and curved epilating head.
We're sorry, this product is no longer available.
  • Overview
  • The Epilady Epic Chic Corded Epilator features a stylish green and white body with a new, quiet, extra-wide, and curved epilating head.

    At full speed, the Epilady Epic Chic Corded Epilator, with its 44 tweezer discs, creates 35,000 tweezes per minute and is able to remove even the shortest and finest hair; the skin is left feeling smooth and silky for up to six weeks.

    Model#: EP 813-12   /   SKU: 002898

  • Features
    • Patented ergonomic design prevents hand cramping
    • Corded use only with a plug in LED indicator
    • One-touch on/off button
    • Full-powered, pocket size
    • Packaged in a stylish metal tin

    • Carrying case
    • Power adapter
    • Cleaning brush
    • Instruction manual
  • About the brand
  • Epilady launched in 1986 with the world's first electric epilator. Since then, the collection has expanded to include a number of epilators, trimmers and shavers for simple, smooth hair removal.

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  • Not So Great 2 Star Rating
    I've had this product for almost a year. It misses alot of hair.

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  • I'm Buying Another One 5 Star Rating
    I bought the green epilady cause it was green and had a power cord. Loved it from the word go especially along my bikini line. BUT I left it in a hotel one weekend. So back on the internet and the original style epilady with the coil was on sale, so I bought that instead of the green one. I found it was more effective, able to get the shorter hairs than the tweezer style, but doesn't work for me on my bikini line, so I'm back to buy another green one to add to my collection.
    Its so good not have to shave every day, and when the hair come back, its fine(soft) and hardly any.
    They say its good for about 6 weeks but I found I liked to use it every 2 weeks.
    I also bought the bikini trimmer, but its just like giving that area a buzz cut....doesn't do the bikini line. And I bought the one for your face. I'm at the age where all of a sudden I get random dark single hairs popping out under my chin in that area where its hard to see (specially if you are at the age where you need reading glasses). The face one works brilliantly.
    Oh my, reading back, sounds like I might be part ape! I'm not that hairy!

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    / Dallas
  • Epilady 5 Star Rating
    I still have the original epilady that came out years ago, and I still love it. Yes, the first time you use it, it does hurt. If you can suck it up that first time, it stops hurting the next time you use it. The red bumbs someone mentioned does happen, but if you use it at night before bed, they will be gone by morning. I adore this baby!

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  • Glad I Bought It 4 Star Rating
    First it is a nice product but it seems to take a long time for me to get a large area like my legs done. pain was tolerable, and I understand that some people cant stand the pain but it was not bad for me. And Im sure I will desensitize after some more uses, I plan to keep, it is very good for under arms:)Overall a very nice product, me like it!

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  • It's Goood 4 Star Rating
    The epilator came in like a week after I ordered, so yay. The package inside was pretty, it's a cylinder thing. The product isn't cheap looking. I plugged it in and turn it on for the first time, I was kinda put off by the sound. It scared me a little bit and the speed of the epilator is so fast! I was afraid to use it. I used it on my arms and it sting a bit of course :/ but it pulled off the hairs very well, but you have to be careful so you dont't pinch your skin :( i was left with some blood spots here and there. about a minute after i finished my arms, my skin starting breaking out into red itchy bumps everywhere! i guess my skin was sensitive? but it went away after a few hours and my skin was hairless and smooth llol. so yeah, this product works just be careful. I do not regret buying it :). but i use it at night so my skin isnt inflamed the next day.

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    / Houston
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