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Remington i-Light Pro Intense Pulsed Light Hair Removal System

Remington i-Light Pro Intense Pulsed Light Hair Removal System is a revolutionary light-based device that has been clinically-proven and FDA cleared for the removal of unwanted body hair at home.
We're sorry, this product is no longer available.
  • Overview
  • Remington iLight Pro Intense Pulsed Light Hair Removal System is a revolutionary light-based device that has been clinically-proven and FDA cleared for the removal of unwanted body hair at home. Remington i-Light's exclusive pro-pulse technology allows you to enjoy the same long lasting results as professional laser hair removal treatments all without the high cost and inconvenience of in-office visits. Each unit includes 1 cartridge that provides 1,500 flashes for a full 2-3 body treatments. Additional cartridges are available for purchase.

    Model#: IPL6000USA   /   SKU: 007395

  • Features
    • At-home professional hair removal for a fraction of the cost of in-office visits
    • Effectively targets hair follicles to disable growth by putting out energy at optimal power levels
    • Delivers energy deep into the skin, targeting the hair bulb with the optimal light spectrum
    • Enables surrounding tissue to cool while heating the target area with a long 110ms stretched light pulse
    • Helps protect skin while filtering out unwanted wave lengths with a state-of-the-art dielectric filter
    • Dielectric filter spreads energy more evenly across treatment window
    • FDA cleared and clinically proven
    • Proprietary pro-pulse technology delivers results that last up to 6 months
    • Faster treatment times with the quickest flash rate and no downtime
    • Built-in skin tone sensor
    • Intended for use on light to medium skin tones and black or brown hair
    • Intended for use on body hair below the neck such as legs, underarms, bikini, chest, stomach, and arms
    • Skin contact sensors for added safety
    • Five energy levels
    • Corded operation
    • Includes how-to CD


    Please note: Remington i-Light is an over the counter device intended for removal of unwanted body hair. It is intended for use only on light to medium skin colors, and on naturally black or brown hair. It is intended for use by women and men on body hair below the neck, including legs, underarms, bikini/groin area, chest, stomach, and arms.

    1. Prepare the area: Shave the desired area to allow the most direct path to the hair follice
    2. Test: Test skin in the intended treatment area to ensure it is not too dark to treat
    3. Flash: Treat the desired area with the i-Light Pro according to the directions in the 'Use & Care Guide'. Perform three treatments every 2 weeks initially and then only as needed.

  • About the brand
  • Remington uses the latest technologies to design tools that provide salon results at an affordable price. This collection includes everything you need to groom and primp with ease: hair dryers, trimmers, rollers, and flat irons.

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  • Works As Advertised 5 Star Rating
    Fed up with epilating, waxing and creams, I was ready to try something different and found the Remington IPL. I have fair skin and black hair so I fit their profile. I live in Canada and was very pleased with the shopping service from Folica!! they took care of the customs and everything, it arrived to my front door at a reasonable time. I also ordered 4 extra cartilages since shipping isnt the cheapest and better have extra!

    It works as advertised, read the booklet fully!!! You wont see any results after the first treatment, the second you will start to see something and by the third you should have 47% less hair. Which is exactly what happened to me. now they say after the third treatment you do spot treatment, but the hairs are so scattered I did an extra fourth treatment all over my lower legs. I think I will need more treatments, but I can go longer with smooth legs!!!

    I decided to do only armpit and lower legs first, its very quick to finish the treatment. Its not painful on the well shaved areas, you might feel a sting and or warming sensation. You also get best results with the highest setting. The first treatment I smelled burned hair, but nothing worrisome!!!
    It didnt work as great on armpits, only saw results after fourth treatment with about 50% less hair but still great, smoother pits after shaving. Next will I will do bikini line!!!

    What I recommend is keep doing treatments till you are satisfied. This is not a big deal as with professional treatments its the same, you go till you are done and its never less than three treatments!. I know some who did professional treatments and its exactly the same as the Remington, except professional is more powerful.

    Highly recommend it, just buy extra cartilages and keep at it. I love the convenience of doing this at home and at a reasonable price!!!

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  • It Works!!!! 5 Star Rating
    Or at least it does for me. I am fairly light skinned and have pretty dark hair. Three treatments did not do it for me (this is most likely due to my own error), but it looks like four treatments are all I will need. It appears that the last of my tiny hairs are falling out.

    I hate shaving as it leaves my legs irritated. Also they tend to look like corn chips just a few hours after shaving. I started epilating in 2009, but let certain areas go during my pregnancy. If you have ever epilated these parts, you will know that epilating can get pretty brutal. I was not interested in starting that over. I came across the Remington iLight on Amazon and it had a pretty warm reception with the exception of the lamp that comes with the unit. Those have a tendency to be defective, but representatives are monitoring reviews and are almost immediately offering to make things right. I got just over two uses out of my stock lamp, which was a bit disappointing considering I only do my bikini line, underarms, and lower legs (I am 5'2" so it isn't like I have long legs, nor are they particularly large in girth).

    Now, with the negatives out of the way, let me tell you about the positive.....Virtually painless if you shave well first. I realize that this makes it difficult to know exactly where you have been. I just go from bottom to top, then move to the left, then go top to bottom, etc. Some people mark grid lines in white eyeliner so they know where they have been......DO NOT, I REPEAT DO NOT DO THIS WITH A DARK EYELINER.....I have seen one report where a girl used a dark eyeliner and now has those grid lines burned into her skin. Hahaha. Okay, maybe it isn't that funny.

    In the absence of pain (a little bit of a rubber band snap where it is difficult to get a super close shave, but certainly nothing I would consider pain...discomfort maybe) I was initially skeptical after my first treatment. I continued shaving, but a few days before my second treatment, I let things grow out a bit. What did I find? Bald spots!!! I would say about 30% of the area was bald. Shaved, did my second treatment....let it go for a few days before the third treatment, about 60% bald. Did the third treatment, easily about 80-85% bald, but still had some hair on a few areas. Did one more treatment, and I see where almost all the hairs have almost worked their way out. I would now put me at about 95% bald. Do not be put off when you don't see results immediately, as I doubt many see immediate results. The hairs have to work their way out of the follicles. In this time, it will appear that the hair is growing.

    I did buy this using a coupon code. At $250 and $25 for replacement cartridges, I think this is a pretty good buy if you hate shaving all the darned time. I know it only takes a few minutes, but add those minutes up at the end of the week, and I can easily think of a million things I would rather do with my time than shave.

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    / Visalia, CA
  • Let's Me Sleep In A Few More Minutes! 5 Star Rating
    Ever since I've gotten this product, i've been religious about using it every Sunday AM after shaving - on my legs, underarms & even my bikini line! Since it's still mostly winter, I haven't had to shave AT ALL during the week, which means I get to sleep in a few more minutes - I LOVE IT. I hope that by the time the warm weather rolls around, I won't need to worry about it even if i wear a tank top or shorts! By the time each Sun rolls around, I'd say have a few stray hairs, but NOTHING comapred to shaving alone. I'm never going back to my razor!!!

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    / United States
    Medium Brown / Normal Hair
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