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clean + easy

clean+easy Cream Hair Remover 4 oz.

clean + easy Cream Hair Remover will painlessly remove unwanted hair from your face, body, and legs.
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  • Florida
    1 Star Rating
    I had it on my legs and bikini area and in five minutes i was burning!! It said to leave it on for 12 to 15 minutes. My hair removed and i was burning so bad I had to jump in the shower. I read online and it said to dampen the hair but it did not say that on the box. a little to late!

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    posted Jun 20, 2012
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  • Arizona
    3 Star Rating
    Give It A Try, But Watch The Time!
    I JUST finished trying this for the first time. The odor is not as bad as a lot of other hair removal creams, but still has a similar smell (but just not strong). I used it on my upper lip area, and I did get burned even though I didn't leave it on too long. I probably should just leave it for 3-4 minutes instead of the suggested 4-6 minutes (I did 5).

    I did use it on my eyebrows and it worked pretty well. (I only left it on for like 3-4 minutes, there was slight redness, but it's basically gone after a few minutes). I tried it on my knuckles as well, and I think it's good for the body. My knuckles didnt turn get burned or turned red. I will do my underarms later this week and see how that goes.

    I dont want to knock this product from one semi-bad experience, but I'm definitely going to be wary of the amount of time I leave it on. Oh. also I got it from Sally's and it was pretty affordable : ~$4
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    posted Nov 1, 2010
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  • 1 Star Rating
    I just used the clean+easy cream hair remover, and had a horrible experience. i used it on my face to remove my side burns and got a horrible result. when i took the cream off, my face was red and burning. i only left it on for 5 minutes, and i had burns! The burns lasted about a week, but are thankfully gone!
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    posted Oct 15, 2009
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  • 5 Star Rating
    Upper Lip User For 8 Years
    This cream has been excellent for removing hair on my upper lip and chin. Ive used the same tube for the last 8 years! I had to google the brand because it is time to buy a new tube. Easy to use and very fast. Do not exceed time limits or you will turn red.
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    posted Nov 21, 2008
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