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clean + easy

clean+easy Cream Hair Remover 4 oz.

clean + easy Cream Hair Remover will painlessly remove unwanted hair from your face, body, and legs.
We're sorry, this product is no longer available.
  • Overview
  • clean + easy Cream Hair Remover will painlessly remove unwanted hair from your face, body, and legs.

    SKU: 001304

  • Features
    • Sensitive Skin Formula
    • Protects and softens skin
    • No unpleasant odor
    • Non-irritating


    Moisten hair to be removed with lukewarm water before applying. Pat dry. Apply cream with fingertips. Smooth on generously and evenly. Do not rub in. Leave on as follows: Face 4-6 minutes, Legs/Arms 12-15 minutes, and Bikini/Underarms 15 minutes. Do not leave on longer than 15 minutes. Remove by showering or rinsing with lukewarm water while wiping gently with a washcloth. Do not rub hard or use soap. Pat skin dry. Keep tube tightly closed when not in use.

    Warning: Do not use on irritated, inflamed or broken skin; near eyes, inside nose or ears; on nipples, vaginal, genital, or perianal areas. If lotion should get into eyes, wash thoroughly with lukewarm water. If irritation occurs, consult physician. Contains Thioglycolate. Follow the instructions. Contains alkali. Avoid contact with eyes. Can cause blindness. Keep out of reach of children.

    Important: Patch test before each use on a small area of skin where hair is to be removed. Wait 24 hours. If skin shows no adverse reaction, proceed.


  • About the brand
  • For over 10 years, clean + easy hair has been one of the leading hair removal systems for spa and personal use. Offering everything from microwavable waxes to electrolysis, hair removal has never been so clean + easy!

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  • Ouch! 1 Star Rating
    I had it on my legs and bikini area and in five minutes i was burning!! It said to leave it on for 12 to 15 minutes. My hair removed and i was burning so bad I had to jump in the shower. I read online and it said to dampen the hair but it did not say that on the box. a little to late!

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    / Florida
  • Give It A Try, But Watch The Time! 3 Star Rating
    I JUST finished trying this for the first time. The odor is not as bad as a lot of other hair removal creams, but still has a similar smell (but just not strong). I used it on my upper lip area, and I did get burned even though I didn't leave it on too long. I probably should just leave it for 3-4 minutes instead of the suggested 4-6 minutes (I did 5).

    I did use it on my eyebrows and it worked pretty well. (I only left it on for like 3-4 minutes, there was slight redness, but it's basically gone after a few minutes). I tried it on my knuckles as well, and I think it's good for the body. My knuckles didnt turn get burned or turned red. I will do my underarms later this week and see how that goes.

    I dont want to knock this product from one semi-bad experience, but I'm definitely going to be wary of the amount of time I leave it on. Oh. also I got it from Sally's and it was pretty affordable : ~$4

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    / Arizona
  • Burn!! 1 Star Rating
    I just used the clean+easy cream hair remover, and had a horrible experience. i used it on my face to remove my side burns and got a horrible result. when i took the cream off, my face was red and burning. i only left it on for 5 minutes, and i had burns! The burns lasted about a week, but are thankfully gone!

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  • Upper Lip User For 8 Years 5 Star Rating
    This cream has been excellent for removing hair on my upper lip and chin. Ive used the same tube for the last 8 years! I had to google the brand because it is time to buy a new tube. Easy to use and very fast. Do not exceed time limits or you will turn red.

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