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Emjoi eMagine Epilator

Emjoi, the leaders in hair removal, have incorporated everything they know about epilation to create the Emjoi eMagine Epilator featuring 72 tweezers, the most ...
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  • 4 Star Rating
    Pretty Good
    this epilator is my first and frankly i was expecting more from it than I really got. It doesnt remove all the hair right away, you really have to spend a lot of time going over the same spot to get all the hair, and even then there will be left some. But it does work and really doesnt hurt much, except for the armpits.. all in all its good and i would recommend it.. not sure if its worth the full price though.
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    posted Jun 2, 2009
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  • San Leandro, C A
    5 Star Rating
    Satisfied New Epilator User
    I just recieved my emjoi today and went to the bathroom to use it right away. Very noisy, which is intimidating...But, it does the job. I did my legs, feet, under arms and I even did myself a brazillian. Hurt a bit, but it happens so fast that it doesnt even hurt that much. I was looking into wax kits and I was currently shaving almost every day, but the cost just kept adding up and shaving can cause irritations at times. Also, good because its ANTIBACTERIAL, So when hair is being removed and may be specs of blood, lessens chances of infection occuring. So in the long run this was the best bang for my buck and I love this product. Only down fall is the loud noise and that its not cordless, but it does have a separate head that is optional to buy for shaving away any stubble that may have been left behind. I have not yet bought one, but am planning on it. It will be great for travel....OVERALL, LOVING IT AND WOULD BE TRULY DEVASTATED IF I EVER SHOuLD LOSE IT.
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    posted May 15, 2009
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  • Cortez, Co
    4 Star Rating
    Touchable Skin
    Love this little baby. It grabs the smallest hairs. For years i lived with a shadow across my face. Now i just need to find a product to get rid of any ingrown hairs that pop up. This thing really hurts on the lower legs. the thicker the hair the more painful. Made me smile though and I let my husband touch my face for the first time in forever. Worth every cent to me and Im poor folk.
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    posted Apr 26, 2009
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