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Mirage Hair Building Fibers

Finally a natural way of eliminating the appearance of baldness and thinning hair. Mirage Hair Building Fibers will change the way you look in seconds!
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  • Overview
  • Finally a natural way of eliminating the appearance of baldness and thinning hair. Mirage Hair Building Fibers will change the way you look in seconds!

    Mirage is applied without the mess, by simply shaking the bottle container over the thinning areas, releasing thousands of microscopic hair Keratin fibers.  These fibers intertwine with the existing real hairs.  Watch your hair look thicker and full in less than 15 seconds.  Even your thinnest areas become thick and full before your very own eyes.

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  • Frequently Asked Questions:

    What is Mirage made of?

    Mirage Hair Building Fibers are made up of 100% pure organic Keratin protein. Like human hair, they are then charged with electrostatic energy to perform an attraction to your thinnest hair.

    How is Mirage different from the competitors?

    Mirage has a better disbursement. It allows you to get the target areas you want without repetitive shaking. Most importantly, there are a lot of synthetic products out on the market that claim their fibers are real fibers. Mirage is 100% real Keratin Fibers with the proper gram weight noted on the bottles.

    Can Mirage affect my very own hair growth?

    No, Mirage cannot interfere with your own hair growth in any way.

    Can Mirage get onto my clothes?

    Just dust it off with your hands if Mirage Fibers come in contact with your clothes. Mirage will not adhere to your clothes.

    What happens if my hair gets wet in the rain?

    Once Mirage Fibers are applied, its micro composition fibers bond with your own "Vellus" and the thinning hair securely. Strong wind, rainfall or even snow will not make fibers run or smear.

    Will Mirage irritate my scalp?

    Mirage is a natural product with real Keratin Fibers. Its natural ingredients will never irritate your scalp.

    Can I exercise or sweat while wearing Mirage Fibers?

    Absolutely yes! You could sweat all day and Mirage will not smear or run.

    Can I sleep with Mirage in my hair?

    Yes, however you may find a small amount of fibers on your pillow that can be brushed off with hand.

    Can I run my hands through my hair?

    Why not. Mirage disburses very well over your head. Once locked in with the Mirage Locking Mist, the fibers hold and bonds with your existing hairs. So when you run your fingers through your hair it will always stay in place.

    Once applied is it detectable?

    As long as you disperse it well in the desired areas, it will be totally undetectable.

    Can I use Mirage after a transplant?

    Yes, Mirage is the best way to cover up after a surgery and is recommended by surgeons all over the world.

    Is there any side affects to this product?

    Mirage is an all natural product and will not affect you in anyway.

    What colors does Mirage come in?

    Black, Dark Brown, Medium Brown, Light Brown, Blonde, Grey and Auburn.


      1. After taking a shower, make sure hair is dry. Use a towel or a blow dryer to ensure hair is completely dry.
      2. Hold the Mirage container 4-5 inches from scalp or areas that need to be thickened.
      3. Shake Mirage container in a circular motion over target area.
      4. For frontal areas, place your hand over your forehead and proceed with instruction #3.
      5. As Mirage Fibers are dispersed around thinning areas, pat down Mirage Fibers in place and then use a comb or a bristle brush and lightly style as desired.
      6. After the desired thickness is achieved, apply Mirage Locking Spray to hold the Mirage Building Fibers in place.

  • About the brand
  • At last, a natural way of concealing the appearance of baldness and thinning hair! Mirage Hair Building Fibers use a unique complex of organic keratin protein to bond to your strands for coverage, volume and density. Features concealing fibers in seven shades and locking mist to hold it all in place.

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  • Awesome 5 Star Rating
    Im from the Uk and Mirage is a great seller! I tried all kinds of fibers. This a is the best of all the rest. JB United Kingdom.

    Was this review helpful?

    / London England.
    Fine or Thin Hair
  • Take It From A Barber! 5 Star Rating
    Im a Barber from Toronto Ont, I only keep this brand next to Surethik and Dr Jones. Mirage is repeat seller. Good job! Dan.

    Was this review helpful?

    / Toronto Ont
  • Amazed.. 4 Star Rating
    My girlfriend can not I feel great when I go out now! Thanks Mirage. Joel C from Calgary AB.

    Was this review helpful?

    / Calgary AB
  • Good Product 3 Star Rating
    We here in BC dont get these fibers out in the local market. My girlfriend ordered it from, I was amazed what it did for me.... Rk.

    Was this review helpful?

    / Vancouver BC
  • Majic Powder 4 Star Rating
    I tried other brands, this one works well the fibers are different. feels like real hair. ali khan

    Was this review helpful?

    / Mississauga Ont Canada
  • Good Stuff 4 Star Rating
    I myself purchased three bottles, I had a problem with the first one. But the others were perfect, I like the brand better then toppik!

    Was this review helpful?

    / New York
  • Better Then The Rest! 4 Star Rating
    I like this product, Mirage is great. The others looked red on my head there dark brown shade worked well.

    Was this review helpful?

    / Saint Dimas LA
  • Wow! 3 Star Rating

    Was this review helpful?

    / NEW YORK
  • Cool 5 Star Rating
    love it! this avoid person must have a really big spot... Mirage is perfect, worked for me. Rubie

    Was this review helpful?

    / Canada
  • Does Not Come Out Of Jar... 1 Star Rating
    I ordered two bottles and at the time there was only one review. The customer gave it 5 stars. Two bottles and the fibers do not come out of the jar. I shook them both hard and hardly anything at all. The other hair fibers that are offered are so far superior to this one, it is not even funny...

    Was this review helpful?

    / Long Island, New York
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