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Rogaine Hair Regrowth Treatment for Women, Single Pack

With 2% Minoxidil, Rogaine's hair regrowth treatment for women is medically proven to regrow hair in women. One month supply.
We're sorry, this product is no longer available.
  • Overview
  • With 2% Minoxidil, Rogaine's hair regrowth treatment for women is medically proven to re-grow hair in women. One month supply.

    SKU: P8176

  • Ingredients
  • Active Ingredient: Minoxidil 2% w/v.
    Inactive Ingredients: Alcohol 60% v/v, Propylene Glycol 20% v/v, and Purified Water.

  • Features
    • To regrow hair on the scalp
    • It takes time to regrow hair
    • You may need to use Rogaine for Women twice daily for at least 4 months before you see results
    • Continued use for up to 8 months may be needed to see your best results
    • Continued use twice daily is necessary or hair loss will begin again
    • The amount of hair regrowth is different for each person. Rogaine for Women will not work for everyone. If you do not see any response after 4 months, stop use and see your doctor
    • In clinical studies of mostly white women aged 18-45 years with mild to moderate degrees of hair loss, the following response to Rogaine was reported: 19% of women reported moderate hair regrowth after using Rogaine for 8 months (19% had moderate regrowth; 40% had minimal regrowth). This compares with 7% of women reporting moderate hair regrowth after using the placebo, the liquid without the active ingredient in it, for 8 months (7% had moderate regrowth; 33% had minimal regrowth). If your degree of hair loss is more than that shown on the side of carton, Rogaine may not work.


    For external use only. Apply 1ml with dropper or sprayer (6 sprays) 2 times a day directly onto the scalp in the hair loss area. Using more or more often will not improve results. Do not apply on other parts of the body.

  • About the brand
  • The first line of defense against hair loss, Rogaine uses FDA-approved minoxidil to battle hereditary hair loss and maximize growth potential. With formulas for men and women, Rogaine hair loss products help reverse the signs of hair loss and promote hair growth. Products include shampoo, foam and topical solutions.

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  • In's And Out's Of This Product... And I Am A Professional Hair Stylist... 4 Star Rating
    This Rogaine for Women worked beautifully all except my scalp broke out in blisters and scabs.
    I used it for 3 months and stopped, when my hair started to get thin again, I started using it again, only to find out that my scalp broke out in blisters and scabs. I guess I became allergic to it. But it really does work. I have an under-active Thyroid and that's why my hair fell out in the first place. I was told my skin was too sensitive to use it again, as I also have Fibromyalgia and the nerve endings didn't like the Rogaine, on my scalp. Also be prepaired to grow hair in other places on your face as it does spread. But I have to say ..... it did grow hair...!!!!

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    / Greenfield Center, NY
    Medium Brown / Dry Hair / Curly Hair / Color Treated Hair
  • Works Great! 5 Star Rating
    I noticed my hairline was thinning. My dermatologist recommended Rogaine. I have been using the product for about 6 months. My hair is now fuller and looks great with no thinning. I have had increased body and facial hair, but can take care of it easily. My eyelashes are even longer. I am very pleased with my healthy head of hair.

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    / Baltimore, Md
  • Still Not Sure 3 Star Rating
    I have been using the product for over 1 month. I havent seen results yet. It can take up to 4 months. I will continue to use it until then.

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    / Wisconsin
  • Works Well For Me 5 Star Rating
    I have been using Rogaine for about 6 years now and it has helped to keep my hair loss to a minimum. Androgenic alopecia runs in my family, so I knew what I would look like by the time I was 50. I am now 46, and my hair loss has been essentially stable for the past 6 years. The side effects that I have noticed are that the new hair growth is somewhat coarser and I get occasional facial hair (easily removed by tweezing). I would highly recommend this product.

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    / Pennsylvania
  • About As Expected.... 3 Star Rating
    I have seen no results yet but that is about as expected. It says to look for changes around the third month.

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  • Rogaine For Women 4 Star Rating
    Ive had good success with this product. My hair has always been thin and thinned further as I aged. During my early 40s, the thinning became pronounced in the front, sides, and at the crown. By using the Rogaine in each of those areas, my hair grew back there. Its no thicker than it ever was, but its as it was during my 20s and 30s. I still have periodic hair shedding periods, but following each period, the Rogaine again helps the hair to regrow. I keep my hair relatively short (just past shoulders) and use no dye other than Henna to cover gray.

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    / California, USA
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