Nioxin System 2 Scalp Therapy for Fine Hair

Nioxin System 2 Scalp Therapy -- for fine, non -chemically enhanced hair that is noticeably thinning - is a conditioner that moisturizes and energizes.
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  • United States
    Light Brown
    Normal Hair
    Fine or Thin Hair
    5 Star Rating
    Husband & I Both Use This
    I use one big (liter size) bottle of this along with the cleanser per year. I use my normal shampoo in all of my hair, rinse, then I apply Nioxin cleanser only to my scalp/roots, leave it on for one minute, rinse, then I add the Nioxin scalp therapy (conditioner) system 2 to only my scalp/roots, and I use another moisturizing conditioner on the ends of my hair. I have long hair to the middle of my back, so this isn't moisturizing enough to use on all of my hair (ends) and you only need it on your scalp since that is where it does it's work! I use it to grow my hair longer. Your hair goes through 3 phases - growth, fall out, and rest. Using Nioxin will keep it in the growth phase longer so you can grow it out faster!

    My husband uses because he is going bald, but since he uses Nioxin cleanser, Nioxin scalp therapy (conditioner), minoxidil at night and he takes the Shen Min Hair Growth Vitamins for Men, he is keeping more of his hair than he would if he didn't use it.

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    posted Mar 29, 2012
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  • 2 Star Rating
    Wow Cant See
    wow i payed twice the amount at a beauty store. I still dont see any difference. I still have alot of hair falling out when i shower but, it has only been a month. So Ill give it some time.
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    posted May 28, 2009
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