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Graftcyte Men's Kit

The GraftCyte Men’s Kit gives you everything you need following a hair transplant procedure.
We're sorry, this product is no longer available.
  • Overview
  • After a hair transplant procedure, the GraftCyte System gives you the tools for a quick recovery and a faster return to a normal lifestyle. By keeping your graft sites moist and richly supplied with proven GHK Copper Peptide Complex technology, healing is promoted and crusting and itching are reduced.

    Men's Kit Includes:

    • GraftCyte Moist Dressings, 7 packets
    • GraftCyte Concentrated Spray, 6 oz
    • Iamin® Hydrating Gel, 0.5 oz
    • GraftCyte Post-Surgical Shampoo, 4 oz
    • GraftCyte Post-Surgical Conditioner, 4 oz

    GraftCyte Moist Dressing

    The moist dressings are applied intermittently after surgery. They keep the transplant area protected while providing a copper peptide-enriched moist environment, that has been shown to help the transplant area repair faster than historical controls.1 (Three dressings are in each sterile packet.)

    GraftCyte Concentrated Spray

    Intensive copper peptide micronutrition, delivered in a spray pump, offers on-the-go flexibility while maintaining the optimal environment for successful wound healing. Convenient for daytime use (between AM and PM GraftCyte Moist Dressing applications), so that important wound care is not missed.

    Iamin Hydrating Gel

    Applied to the donor site immediately after surgery, Iamin Hydrating Gel is a wound dressing formulated with GHK Copper Peptide Complex technology to provide the moist healing environment necessary for the natural healing process.

    GraftCyte Post-Surgical Shampoo

    Combines a mild, cleansing formulation with soothing aloe vera gel and a unique copper peptide micronutrient technology to provide an optimal healing environment and to prevent the formation of crusts and scabbing.

    GraftCyte Post-Surgical Conditioner

    Specifically formulated for use after hair transplant surgery. Contains a proven copper peptide micronutrient technology, helping to promote a healthy scalp environment for both donor and recipient sites.

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