ColorMe Temporary Hair Color

ColorMe Temporary Hair Color temporarily adds the perfect touch of vivid color or dramatic highlights to hair!
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  • United States
    Dark Brown
    Relaxed Hair
    5 Star Rating
    I Got The Blue One, It Showed Up Very Well On My Dark African American Hair
    I'm African American and I have long black-brown hair that is relaxed, and I typically flatiron everyday and wear it bone-straight. Since it's relaxed, I don't want to risk using regular hair dye which normally requires you to bleach the hair and then color it, it could be too damaging. So trying out this temporary paint-in type of thing seemed worth a shot. I tried out the blue color and did one long streak from root to tip just to see how well it would work. First of all, the color showed up nice and bright, which was awesome. Secondly, it didn't make my hair revert back to its curlier/frizzier state, also awesome. Thirdly, the color remained noticeable for about 4 days. And finally, everyone who saw it complimented me. Now I'm tempted to get the other 5 colors and do some serious ombre stuff with it. My only precaution for you is that if you decide to do a big section of hair with this stuff, don't sleep on a white pillow, because it will probably rub off some on it.
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    posted Jan 1, 2013
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  • Hair
    Normal Hair
    Fine or Thin Hair
    5 Star Rating
    Intense Color
    I LOVED this. Used it on my daughters hair for her soccer game. Gave her purple streaks. Not only is the color very bright and intense, but it washed all the way out in ONE wash and she has blonde hair. Not sticky and flaky like many bright hair colors. If you want a hair color for one day and 100% washed out the next day...this is it!! Funny though, it is harder to wash off your hands than your hair....not sure why that is!
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    posted Nov 11, 2012
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