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Kelly Van Gogh Master Blend Multi-Dimensional Luxury Hair Colour Kit - Brown

Kelly Van Gogh Master Blend Hair Colour Kit for brown hair gives dull, lifeless hair rich color. In three gorgeous shades.
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  • Overview
  • Kelly Van Gogh Master Blend Hair Colour Kit for brown hair gives dull, lifeless hair rich color. In three gorgeous shades.

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  • Features
    • Kelly Van Gogh Master Blend Hair Colour Kit comes in three shades of brown: Medium Neutral Brown, Light Cool Brown, Light Golden Brown.
    • Master Blend™ has two patented systems that deliver out of this world colour results: Caviar Oil Repairing System and Mica Shine Technology.
    • Caviar Oil Repairing System: An anti-aging system for the hair, making it look younger and more vital.
      Repairs dryness in hair while being coloured, therefore colour goes on evenly and resists fading.  Infuses keratin into the hair for control of frizzy, lifeless hair making it sleeker and more manageable. Injects fatty acids and amino proteins to stimulate collagen production, which is the building block of shiny and healthy hair. 
    • Mica Shine Technology: A light swtich for your colour, turning on its brilliance!  Allows the colour to reflect and refract light so it bounces and glistens off the hair, matching skin tone and hair texture for gorgeous results on everyone.  Gives shimmering multi-dimensional colour, never a single or flat shade.
    • Kit includes:
      2 oz. Tube of Crème Colour
      2 oz. Bottle of Developer
      Custom Designed Reusable Applicator Bottle
      Pair of Professional Reusable Black Gloves
      Easy Instructions


    1. Put on the reusable black gloves. Pour developer into your reusable applicator bottle.
    2. Open Crème Colour tube by puncturing top with cap and squeeze contents into applicator bottle.
    3. Put finger over nozzle opening and shake vigorously until mixed completely.
    4. Apply from root to end, or just to roots depending on need. Use applicator tip as a tool to part hair, spread and
    really saturate colour evenly.
    5. Leave on for a full 45 minutes after applying for maximum shine, colour richness and condition
    6. Shampoo and condition with Kelly Van Gogh Colour Protecting Caviar Shampoo and Conditioner.

  • About the brand
  • Kelly Van Gogh is the first private Luxury Hair Colouring System that you can easily do yourself in the comfort of your own home. Kelly's patented caviar and keratin formulas give better than salon results and repairs your hair as it colours leaving it in better condition after colouring than before.

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  • Healthy Hair Once Again! 5 Star Rating
    I went from $200+ hair salon visits to doing my own hair color at home. I was using what I thought was a quality OTC brand, but there didn't seem to be anything I could do to keep my hair in a healthy state. Then I found KVG Masterblend. It's easy to use, produces natural results, and, after using it for two years now, best of all, my hair is healthy and has stayed that way. Additionally, I've had no problem covering my, rather rapidly increasing, gray hair...I just follow the directions for gray coverage on the packaging. My sister has started using it too, she's been so impressed by the results I've achieved with my own hair, not to mention the money I've saved! I should note, I do use the KVG hair masque prior to coloring, and the KVG shampoo and conditioner afterwards. My results typically last 6-8 weeks, and my hair grows fairly quickly.

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    / Seattle
    Dark Brown / Color Treated Hair / Thick or Coarse Hair
  • Gorgeous Color At Home 5 Star Rating
    I love this color! It leaves my hair soft and shiny and has plenty of dimension for professional-quality results at home.

    Use the bottle to mix the color thoroughly if you like, but I prefer to use the Diane Hair Coloring Kit, 7 Piece for more accurate placement and efficient use of the coloring solution.

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    Medium Brown / Color Treated Hair
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