Unred Hair Color Additive

First aid for hair coloring. Softens hi-lift tints, decreases fading, eliminates unwanted red tone.
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  • Pennsylvania
    5 Star Rating
    Excellent Product For Eliminating Red (not Yellow)
    This is a unique product designed to eliminate red tones from haircolor. It is a very intense blue which cancels red, its color opposite. It is not good for light colored hair or highlights and isnt designed to be used that way. If, like the previous reviewer, your have yellow highlights, then yellow + blue = green, and you will be disappointed by the outcome. To tone down excessively yellow or gold tones, you will be better off using a violet product (purple is the color opposite of yellow) such as a shampoo and conditioner with "silver" in the name (designed for gray and highlighted hair) or a toner with a violet hue. But to tone down red in semipermanent or permanent haircolor, Unred is excellent. It does seem to make the haircolor darker, so you might want to use a lighter shade (or a half-and-half mix) than you would otherwise. A strand test is always a smart idea, anytime you use a new product. Better to have one strand turn out unexpectedly than your whole head of hair.
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    posted Apr 25, 2005
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  • 1 Star Rating
    I have blonde hair and put highlights in my hair. They turned out pretty good except for a few areas of light red. I tried unred and it didnt take the red out but turned my hair blue/green color. I would not recommend this item to anyone.
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    posted Feb 13, 2005
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