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one 'n only Colorfix

Removes unwanted permanent hair color. Controlled usage allows color correction to specific areas. Designed for full or slight color corrections.
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  • 3 Star Rating
    I have been doing my hair black for several years, and decided that I need a change. I tried using this product, and when I first washed it out it had taken a good amount of the color out of my hair, but the ends were still very dark. I did it a second time, but it didnt help that much. Over the course of the next day, it re-darkened considerably. This was much better than using bleach and did not damage my hair, but left it smelling like a dead fish. At least it did something, unlike some of the other things that I tired.
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    posted Nov 18, 2004
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  • US
    2 Star Rating
    One N' Only Colorfix
    My natural colour is dark brown with red highlights. I dyed my hair black sucsessfully for a year, and when I finally opted for a change, I researched this product on the internet and found decent reviews. I then confidently ordered two boxes, which arrived pleasantly speedy. I processed my very fine, thin, nearly waiste length hair with the product twice. Upon rinsing for the first time I noticed a big difference and my hair seemed to be returning to its natural colour. I repeated the process as it was needed for the second time and my roots were ORANGE! The rest of my hair was left a dull, light orange-brown. Strangly, about three days after the process, my hair re-darkened to my exact colour prior to using Colorfix. I found this product to be expensive and a waiste of time, and I will be resorting to a professional colourist from now on.
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    posted Jun 25, 2004
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  • England
    5 Star Rating
    colorfix definatly gets a 9/10 from me!!i dyed me hair black/red about a year ago, and recently i wanted my natural color back. I went to many hairdressers to ask some advice,and all of them told me that there was nothing i could do. One person suggested stripping it, but that wud really damage my hait and id have to lose the length. so i opted for colorfix.It is really easy to use and you dont need to buy much to go with it, just some gloves and a mixin bowl and aplicator brush. i have bought two boxes, and my hair has gone from a very dark black to a nice strawberry blonde color (my natrual color) I definalty reccomend this to people as it does minimum damage 2 ur hair. Just be preapred 2 put up with orangey/brown hair for a while if you are going from a dark dye to a light color! it is fantastic! id reccomend it to anyone.
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    posted May 11, 2004
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