Spilo Professional Vinyl Gloves

Protect your skin from contact with cosmetic chemicals with premium, synthetic Spilo Professional Vinyl Gloves.
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  • Nevada City Ca
    Dark Brown
    Thick or Coarse Hair
    5 Star Rating
    Rubber Gloves
    Looking to buy a box of Black Rubber Gloves. What is the availabilty?
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    posted Apr 30, 2012
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  • 5 Star Rating
    Excellent Quality, Great Value! Not Just For Coloring Hair.
    I was seeking disposable gloves primarily to use with my Jilbere spa mitts (their suggestion of using plastic wrap was clumsy, as the wrap tended to develop gaps when it met resistance from the vinyl mitts, causing the hand cream to get inside the mitts).

    These are great! I can put on hand cream, put on these vinyl gloves, and still retain dexterity to be able to open the spa mitts and place my hand inside. The cream stays inside the glove, avoiding leakage into the mitt. They're thick enough that I don't worry about tears from my nails. They are easy to put on - I don't have to fight to peel them open.

    The price is great. I paid less than $5 for a box of 100 (sale, plus ebates), which is about 1/10 of similar gloves I found in the paint section of the hardware store, and I can also use these when painting, applying haircolor or cutting hot peppers. I tried out a single pair of plastic gloves ($2!) at the same time and there's just no contest. Spend the extra few dollars and get a box of these.
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    posted Dec 15, 2011
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