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Midnight Weave Cap

Perfect for use with hi-lift, permanent, and semi-permanent color. Beautifully masks unsightly color stains, and it's completely reusable.
We're sorry, this product is no longer available.
  • Overview
  • Perfect for use with hi-lift, permanent, and semi-permanent color. Beautifully masks unsightly color stains, and it's completely reusable.

    Meet the foam highlighting cap created just for use with todays fast-changing color technology. The Midnight Weave Cap has all the great benefits of a foamcap - exceptional speed and versatility - and ultimate comfort for the client.

    SKU: P8244

  • Features
  • Directions

    1. Comb hair back and place cap on hair. Tie securely.
    2. Insert hook (not included, use a #10 metal hook for best results) at 45 angle and extract hair through cap where desired.
    3. Mix chemical to a thick consistency using cream or gel developed. When using liquid (or runny) colors, always use an extender or thickening agent.
    4. Apply chemical to the hair with comb or applicator brush.
    5. Cover head loosely with plastic bag if recommended.
    6. When processing with heat, use low heat settings only.
    7. When desired color is reached, immediately rinse chemical. Apply shampoo to treated hair and comb out tangles.
    8. Untie cap and remove gently.
    9. When toning, use any non-peroxide toner.
    10. Wash Midnight Weave Cap with shampoo, let dry, and use again.

  • About the brand
  • Spilo Worldwide was founded by namesake Charles G. Spilo, a man who believed in power of beauty so much that he wore a fresh carnation on his lapel every day. The Spilo Worldwide collection includes products designed for salon professionals and beauty junkies, including foils, wax warmers, highlighting needles and more.

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  • Tip For Retouch Highlights 5 Star Rating
    Ive been using this product for years. I color and highlight my own hair and found that the foam cap prevents the "tiger" spots on my head if Im careful not to make the bleach solution too thin. For re-touches, I pull the strands of hair out until I see the old highlights coming through, then stop. The effect is that of loops through-out the head. I only lighten the "loops". The ends are protected from lightening. The finished results are fantastic. Saves the hair from being over-processed.

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    / Atlanta, GA
  • Just Average 3 Star Rating
    I was so excited to find this product online. I have had my hair highlighted the last 3 or so years, and ofcourse I wanted to save a little extra money if I could only find the foam cap. I had my hair highlighted using a cap like this before and it worked great! I used the one from folica only to find that it didnt get the job done. The foam is somewhat thick so it didnt touch up my roots. I tied the cap very tight. I completely followed the directions and unfortunately it just didnt do it for me.

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    / North Arlington
  • I've Used These Caps For A Long Time 5 Star Rating
    Mostly I do foils, but for those few people, they are bigger , leak less , but you have to have a easy light hand.I cantnt seem to find them any where else.Tank you Dorrise

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    / Orlando Fl
  • Buyer Beware 3 Star Rating
    I liked the snug fit and the ability to pull strands randomly rather than through a set of holes. However, I wasnt as careful as I should have been and the bleach soaked through the foam at the top of the cap, bleaching the entire area. Its a good cap, but you need to be extra careful not to get any bleach on the foam.

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  • Financially Great 4 Star Rating
    I am a college student at UC Berkeley, and as you know its hard to find cheap salons. I stumbled upon this website, and purchased a whole kit. One of the items was this hat, it was easy to use, and reuseable. Its cheap, it tidy, and its saving us money.

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    / California, Berkeley
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