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California Weave Cap

Great for weaving, frosting, sun streaking, cream coloring, tint streaking.
We're sorry, this product is no longer available.
Great for weaving, frosting, sun streaking, cream coloring, tint streaking.
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  1. Fit your California Weave Cap on hair, then tie.
  2. Use the supplied needle to pull hair through cap.
  3. Mix powdered frosting bleach to a thick, rich whipped consistency. *
  4. Apply bleach with brush by pulling hair with pressure to get bleach as close to scalp as possible. Do not saturate cap with bleach.
  5. Use dryer or heat lamp.
  6. When proper color is achieved, rinse bleach off hair, put a rinse or conditioner on hair, comb out all tangles, then slowly pull cap off.
  7. Toning - Apply any non-peroxide toner. (Born Blonde) type.
  8. Rinse your California Weave Cap off, let dry, then reuse.

* When using tints always use a thicker mix. Use an extender and mix to a whipped thick consistency. Use no more than double strength peroxide.

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  • Been Using For Years. 4 Star Rating
    I am still old school, love the california weave caps. Still the most natural looking highlights you can do. Folica with their special discounts make these cheaper than you can get anywear. Love this website. They were out of stock, had to wait a while to get them. But the deal made it worth it.

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    Apr 12, 2012
    / Washington State
  • Henna Hat... 5 Star Rating
    I found the California Cap to work well for what I used it for, which was simply to place over the henna I used for 1 hour. I didnt use it as a hair lightening cap, but think it would work very well for that too.

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    Mar 17, 2005
    / New York
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