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The Aqua Sprush

The Aqua Sprush-the ultimate tool for hair color and relaxer application.
We're sorry, this product is no longer available.
  • Overview
  • The Aqua Sprush-the ultimate tool for hair color and relaxer application.

    Many hair color artists have been known to use a spatula rather than a bristle brush for highlighting close to the scalp, however, spatulas are naturally held sideways. After extensive research, it was found that no spatula brushes existed, and The Sprush was born.

    SKU: 002948

  • Features
    • Closer to the scalp precision highlighting
    • Reduces application time
    • Less overlap, resulting in up to 1/2 color savings
    • Gentle on the scalp
    • No residual contamination
    • Fast and easy clean-up
    • Immediate re-use
    • Long lasting

    Suggested Uses:

    • Foiling
    • Re-touching
    • Relaxers
  • About the brand
  • The Sprush is the ultimate tool for hair color application. This spatula shaped brush can be used for precision highlighting, skin care, waxing, retouching and more.

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  • Sprush Up Your Life! 5 Star Rating
    They are great for hair & getting the product up really tight to the scalp. I use these to apply my homemade masks & the sprush works equally well with thick or thin formulas. I use one to apply hot wax to my legs & others for cleaning (great for getting paste mixtures into grout lines or into tiny crevices) & hobby work. They are durable & clean up well. I am very pleased and would recommend to anyone.

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    / La La Land
  • Great Tool For Highlighting 4 Star Rating
    The Sprush really does shine when it comes to highlighting but personally I dont love it so much for doing root touch up color.

    The Sprush is easy to clean but did stain with color after a couple of uses. The tip of the Sprush is flexible.
    The handle of the Sprush is not comfortable; it is more flat and not so organic feeling. a more rounded handle would be ideal.

    The Aqua sprush is a standard size so I can use this for foils so I will give this product the 4 stars. the Sprush does help produce a cleaner application when using for foiling.

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    Platinum Blonde / Normal Hair / Chemically Treated Hair
  • Proffessional 5 Star Rating
    Love these wish I could purchase from local store instead of ordering them online im an impatient girl hate waiting to receive them and hate paying shipping no color goes to waste gets very close to roots thank u folica

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  • Best Things Ever 5 Star Rating
    for the last 3 or 4 years i have be using sprushes. a great friend of mine turned me onto them. i love these thins. i didnt realize how much i loved them until one day about 4 months ago i stupidly threw them away by accident. then just last week i took a chance and ordered them oh how happy i am.i can get relaxers and colors as close as i want to the scalps without a single scratch. i have the aqua pink purple yellow and gold. life is great once again.i ordered at least 3 of pink purple and aqua. i love love AND Oh yea did i say i LOVE these things. thank you folica

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  • After Using This Sprush In A Relaxer Class, I Won't Use A Regular Brush Again. 4 Star Rating
    I've done around ten clients that wanted relaxers done using the sprush, and everyone has said that they really can't believe how great the sprush has been to using touch against their scalp. I really like the sprush.

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  • Great Product.. 5 Star Rating
    Got one at the Birmingham show and I love it.. No more bristles in your bowl.. Makes for easy application of color..

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    / Alpharetta , Ga
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