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Leonor Greyl

Leonor Greyl Bain Restructurant A la Banane Shampoo 7oz.

Leonor Greyl Bain Restructurant A la Banane Shampoo is specifically formulated for permed and naturally curly hair.
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  • Overview
  • Leonor Greyl Bain Restructurant A la Banane Shampoo is specifically formulated for permed and naturally curly hair.

    SKU: 002732

  • Ingredients
    • Banana extract to soften and nourish
    • Wheat proteins to strengthen, fortify and protect
    • Plant extracts rich in essential vitamins and trace elements, such as zinc, which is essential to the repair of scalp and hair
    • Keratin to protect and strengthen hair

  • Features
    • Maintains the spring in natural curls
    • Neutralize the fragility of hair after perms
    • Helps hair regains its full luster and flexibility


    Leonor Greyl, a hair care specialist, reveals her secrets for obtaining the best results when shampooing.

    Step 1: Pre-Shampoo

    For beautiful hair shampoo for a minimum of of 5 minutes to gain maximum benefit from the products. Before shampooing, you should gently brush through and untangle your hair.

    Step 2: The Shampoo

    After brushing as indicated above, wet your hair. Place a small amount (more if hair is long) in the palm of your hand and rub between both hands. Then place your fingers on the scalp and massage lightly in circular motions (lather is minimal). Repeat this operation by adding small amounts of water each time in order to have a good foaming effect. If you wash your hair everyday one application is sufficient, otherwise two applications are required.

    Step 3: The Rinse

    It is necessary to carefully rinse your hair. Rinse thoroughly and gently with luke warm water. To know if you have sufficiently rinsed, the hair should squeak between your fingers. Finish by rinsing with cold water to activate blood circulation and increase shine.

  • About the brand
  • Founded in 1968, Leonor Greyl combines over 35 years of hair care expertise with a passion for creating beautiful hair. Imported from France, Leonor Greyl is a stylist favorite. This collection includes shampoos, conditioners, styling products, masks, oils and serums made from high quality natural ingredients designed to invigorate your scalp and hair. Known for the Huile de Palme hair treatment, fans include celebs Jessica Alba and Gwen Stefani.

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