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Knotty Boy

Knotty Boy Dreadlock Shampoo 8 oz.

Knotty Boy All Natural Dreadlock Shampoo with Tea Tree, Rosemary and Peppermint oils.
We're sorry, this product is no longer available.
  • Overview
  • Specifically formulated for people with dreadlocks, working to prevent and combat the problems sometimes encountered during the dreadlocking process and thereafter. From a healthy scalp will grow healthy dreads, so Knotty Boy is working hard to dispel the widespread myth that all dreadlocks are dirty. Dreadlocks, just like braids, cornrows, and any other hairstyle, need to be washed regularly to keep them clean.There is no reason why dreadlocks should ever be dirty or smelly as long as one has access to fresh, clean water and Knotty Boy shampoo!

    Knotty Boy Natural Dreadlock Shampoo is made in small batches from scratch, using saponified vegetable and organic essential oils only. It will clean like Nature intended, without any harsh cleansers or foaming agents. Because of the lack of chemical additives, softeners and conditioners, this truly natural shampoo is ideal for keeping dreadlocks and scalps sparkly clean, without hindering the locking process or irritating sensitive scalps or skin. The shampoo will deliver a sweet-smelling, super dreadlock cleansing result,. The liquid Shampoo is the more conventional form for shampoo easy to use and its powerful minty scent will keep you smelling fresh for hours.

    SKU: P9409

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  • About the brand
  • Since 1998, Knotty Boy has become the leader of all things dreadlock-related. From their dreadquarters in Canada, the Knotty Boy team has dreamed up a host of dread care products to create, maintain and undo your dreads.

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  • Awesome Product!!! 5 Star Rating
    Leaves your head tingly for hours after your washing! Keeps your scalp feeling clean for WAY longer than other dread shampoos! All of the Knotty Boy products are amazing for maintaining your dreads, keeping them clean and smelling fresh. I have tried other products with same ingredients but there is NO comparison! Stick with the products designed for dreadlocks, you will be happy you did!

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    / Sioux Falls, Sd
    Dark Brown / Normal Hair / Color Treated Hair
  • Easy Application..smells Great! 5 Star Rating
    I enjoy using this shampoo a good deal more than the bar. the liquid form makes it easy to apply and work into my scalp... the bar seemed like it was a lot more work for less lather. I t does tingle when applied, and I find this a good thing as you can feel, as well as see where the shampoo has been applied (I have a fair amount of hair). I don't find the shampoo to be harsh and it does not leave a residue after it is rinsed out. What it does leave behind is an excellent fragrance (I think it is tea tree oil) that my wife says she loves!

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    / New York, NY
  • Mmm Tingley 4 Star Rating
    Gosh this makes your hair and head feel gooooood! And it smells great as well!

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    / Milw, WI, USA
  • This Product Is Great. 4 Star Rating
    My boyfriend and I enjoy this product a lot thank you.

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    / Mendocino County
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