Pureology Pure Volume Blow Dry Amplifier 7 oz.

Pureology Pure Volume Blow Dry Amplifier will amplify your hair's bounce and flexibility. Lightweight, heat-activated molecules penetrate the hair shaft, delive...
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  • Arizona
    Fine or Thin Hair
    5 Star Rating
    Try This You Won't Switch To Anything Else !
    My daughter recommended I try this product. My hair is very thin and fine. It is the only product that let me style my hair and did not make it stiff or sticky. It definitely adds volume and helps the style stay in without going limp. I have used this product exclusively for over one year. When I started, my hair was colored; but now I have let it go to its natural color which is gray. It works great either way! I would highly recommend this to anyone with fine and thinning hair. You will love it.
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    posted Oct 23, 2010
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  • Brooklyn, NY
    1 Star Rating
    Very Sticky
    I bought it along with Pureology Volume shampoo and conditioner, which are quite ok,the smell is great and they my hair soft and shiny, but not this product! First of all it sticky!, you can't distribute it evenly over you hair, it reminded me very-very sugary water, and the smell is awful, like chemicals or something. I tried my best to distribute small portion on my hair, blow dried it, it gave a little volume, but blow drying always gives you volume, the important thing for how long, and of course it didn't last long! so in couple of hours I ended up with no volume, smelly, greasy looking hair and you can't run your finger through the hair. It acted like strong hold mousse or something. And I only used a pea size portion. I gave it another shot 2 weeks later, spent $20 on it. thought may be i used too much - same result! Don't waste your money!
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    posted Feb 10, 2010
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  • 5 Star Rating
    Really Thickens And Feels Like You're Doing Something Good For Your Hair!
    I cannot believe no one else has discovered this product! I hope it doesnt become discontinued because I love it!! I have extremely fine hair with breakage from previous chemical treatments and this stuff is awesome for adding diameter and tons of body and manageability. Especially for the "holes" where I have the most breakage. It also has very natural wholesome ingredients in this cream formula and truly does feel make hair feel softer too. Although it seems like it is expensive, I use a very small amount and it does the trick! Dont want to use too much or it will weigh it down somewhat into the next day if you choose to not wash hair every day. Overall, it is a great product and great for retaining color too!
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    posted Nov 17, 2008
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