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Phytorelaxer for Normal, Thick, Resistant Hair

Phytorelaxer for Normal, Thick, Resistant Hair Kit is a genuine innovation exclusive to Phyto Laboratories; this formula naturally and perfectly straightens even the most resistant hair.
We're sorry, this product is no longer available.
  • Overview
  • Phytorelaxer for Normal, Thick, Resistant Hair Kit is a genuine innovation exclusive to Phyto Laboratories; this formula naturally and perfectly straightens even the most resistant hair.

    SKU: 005323

  • Features
  • Features & Benefits:
    • Egg and soy active molecules give this high-technology product exceptional hair straightening capabilities.
    • Guaranteed lye-free.
    • Hair is left radiant, soft and beautiful.
    • Odorless formula.

    Set Includes:

    • Pre-Care Balm
    • Straightening Cream
    • Inductor Index
    • Neutralizing and Cleansing Emulsion
    • Milky Restructurer
  • About the brand
  • Before opening his first salon in 1969, stylist Patrick Alès sharpened his skills styling the hair of legendary beauties Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis and Catherine Deneuve. Beauty insiders have been pampering their strands with Phyto's coveted line of botanically derived, good-for-your-hair care for the last four decades. Clinically tested for performance, these naturally derived, cruelty-free formulas are packed in 100 percent recyclable containers, bringing eco-friendly hair care to a shower near you. Fans include Reese Witherspoon, Sandra Bullock, Oprah and the cast of "Gossip Girl".

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  • I Finally Have Manageable Hair! 5 Star Rating
    I'm African American, my hair has fine texture, but is very resistant/kinky. I was referred to the product by a friend who is multi cultural. I was using a popular no lye relaxer for many years and suffered hair loss due to extended usage. I chose this relaxer as an alternative to a Brazilian Keratin Treatment (Keratin treatments do not last for me because I sweat. The sodium/salt in sweat neutralizes the Keratin). This product will not make african american hair "bone straight". At least it doesn't make my hair that way. I was going bald with the "bone straight" look, I really just needed manageable hair, and did not want to flat iron daily (living in Florida).

    I've used the product for close to two years, and am only posting to give some tips for people who are considering the product for purchase. If you are not used to applying relaxers, you may want to purchase and take to a stylist. My hair is medium length, and I get my ends "clipped" every 6 weeks. I know that not everyone gets their hair trimmed that frequently. If you overlap relaxer too much, it could result in breakage. Clipping the ends help.

    It is VERY important to follow the directions in the kit re: applying heat, washing hair prior to treatment, etc..... I know going without a flat iron for several days is a hassle (that's when I become "scarf girl" - LOL), but it does make a difference.

    ALSO: If you use Phyto Vital Bath conditioner, it definitely helps. The key is to do a deep condition at least once a month. The other thing that helped me was to use a Keratin based infuser/replenisher. I've used Keratase and Coppola products with much success. The Keratin products restore protein to your hair, and helps keep it strong. I think Phyto has a serum, but I've never tried it. I hope my review helped.

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    / US
    Dark Brown / Dry Hair / Fine or Thin Hair
  • Best Relaxer On Earth! 5 Star Rating
    I've been using this relaxer for 1.5 years and the transformation I've seen in my hair is amazing. I have very course and thick hair and have used a variety of relaxers in the past that left my hair dry, damaged, non-elastic and quick to break or shed. I tried to go "natural", but my texture along with the Florida humidity just wouldn't allow it so I read about the science behind this relaxer and wondered, "how in the world can soy and eggs straighten my hair?". In my desperation, I thought i was worth a shot. I was literally shocked at how beautiful this relaxer made my hair. It was full of body and volume (unlike harsh lye and other no-lye relaxers). It had incredible shine and did not shed a bit. This product has transformed my hair (and Oprah's from what I hear). I really hope that other women with my hair texture discover this product and start demanding that our salons carry it. I know the price seems steep, but people with my hair texture spend tons of money on hair products and services and if they only knew what this product could do, they would consider it a bargain.

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    / Florida
    Dark Brown / Dry Hair / Thick or Coarse Hair / Relaxed Hair / Chemically Treated Hair
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