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Mizani Butter Base Scalp Protector

Mizani Butter Base Scalp Protector is a lightweight jelly designed to minimize dryness and irritation during a rhelaxer treatment.
We're sorry, this product is no longer available.

For Professional Use Only

Gently formulated with moisturizing shea butter to protect the hair, scalp and delicate skin around the hairline without clogging pores. Ideal for use on sensitive scalps and resistant hair types to maximize rhelaxer application and processing time.

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  • Guaranteed Authentic
  • Minimizes dryness and irritation during relaxer hair treatment
  • Coats the scalp
  • Helps protect delicate skin around the hairline


As a first step in the relaxer process, section hair and apply directly to scalp.  Do not rub into scalp or apply along the hair shaft.  For increased protection, thinly spread around the hairline.  For best results, proceed to using Mizani Butter Blend Honey Shield Protective Pre-Treatment.

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