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Alterna Caviar Anti-Aging Overnight Hair Rescue

Alterna Caviar Anti-Aging Overnight Hair Rescue is a deeply penetrating overnight treatment for severely damaged hair that repairs while you sleep.
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  • Overview
  • Alterna Caviar Anti-Aging Overnight Hair Rescue is a deeply penetrating overnight treatment for severely damaged hair that repairs while you sleep.

    Who is it For?

    Ideal for those with severely damaged or color treated hair.

    How it works

    • Micro-sized natural hair proteins and amino acids penetrate and repair hair from the inside.
    • Bio-identical hair lipids restore shine and elasticity while positively charged ions impart softness.
    • Multi-vitamin complex strengthens and enhances the penetration of proteins.
    • Specially blended moisturizing agents repair the damaged shaft and seal the cuticle for lasting results.

    The Technology

    • Age Control Complex - Infused with caviar extract, vitamin C and cytokines. Addresses all types of aging including natural, chemical and environmental.
    • Enzymetherapy - Transforms ingredients into a structure that the hair and follicle can absorb easily so thicker, stronger hair can surface.

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  • Features
    • Repairs and replenishes damaged hair while you sleep
    • Restores and reinforces hair strength
    • Prevents future breakage
    • Absorbs instantly and won't leave residue on pillow or sheets
    • Cumulative results while having immediate benefits - the more you use it, the healthier your hair becomes
    • Free of parabens, phthalates, synthetic color, mineral oil, petrolatum and PABA, gluten, DEA, TEA, sodium chloride


    Dispense a quarter-size amount into palms, rub hands together and distribute evenly concentrating on dry, damaged ends.  Allow treatment to absorb completely into hair prior to going to bed.  Leave in hair overnight and wash out in the morning. Use more or less depending on hair length and thickness. Benefits are cumulative, for best results use 2-3 times per week.  Safe for color-treated hair.

  • About the brand
  • 1997. An alternative vision born in salons: premium hair products free of additives or harsh ingredients. Alterna has always been about purity and innovation inspired by skincare science. With an unwavering commitment to creating products that transform hair after one use, every detail is uncompromised. No more choosing between natural ingredients and high performance results. Exquisite formulas with clinically proven results made with pure, sustainable ingredients like caviar, sea silk, bamboo, and kendi oil.

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  • Expensive, But Worth It 5 Star Rating
    I live in Colorado where it is very dry. I have long, straight (naturally), light brown/dirty blonde, thin hair (but there's lots of hair strands so it seems thicker). I am trying to grow my hair out, and every time I get it trimmed, they cut too much off!! So I've been trying to go up to 6 months without getting it trimmed. I usually get split ends after just a few months, even though I use lots of good products to keep my hair healthy (I only blow dry - I don't use a curling iron, no flat iron, I don't bleach or color my hair, use salon quality products, use a shower filter, etc.). I tried this product as an add on to my routine of detangler spray, leave in conditioner, weekly protein treatment, weekly hair mask, weekly hot oil treatment and hair vitamins. This is the ONLY thing that stops me from getting split ends! If I don't use it, even if I use other good products, I get split ends. If I haven't gotten a hair cut in a few months, I use this product every night. If I've just gotten a trim recently, I use it Mon, Wed & Fri. I split my hair in half, and then split each of those into 3 pieces. I put 3 squirts into the ends of each of those 6 pieces (so18 squirts). I just work it into the ends, say the last 4 inches of my hair. It soaks in immediately, and I go to bed. I use a satin pillowcase, and this product does NOT leave any residue on the pillow as it promises. In this dry climate, this product totally saves my hair from split ends when NOTHING else will. You should try it! It smells fine, and if the pump breaks (did once only because I dropped it), you can open the bottom and push the pump upwards with your finger or a pen and still get the product out. It has a nice pump to where the product is pushed up as you use it so you are sure to get every last drop!

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    / Denver, CO United States
    Light Brown / Normal Hair
  • Didn't Help Much 2 Star Rating
    It has a nice scent, but it didn't smooth my hair out like I hoped. I have long fine hair & I need help w/ smoothing out my hair (too remove tangles). Can't say I have noticed any help.

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    / VA
  • A Palmful Of Product For A Week's Worth Of Healthy Hair 5 Star Rating
    If there's one thing that Folica knows how to pick, it's deep-conditioning hair treatments. I was sent a bottle of Alterna Caviar Anti-Aging Overnight Hair Rescue as a VIP Reviewer, and I've used it twice -- once per week -- since it arrived. The light, lotion-like product has a delicate scent; if you're really getting close to a handful of it, you might even pick up a trace of salon-like fragrance. I used the recommended quarter-size amount and tried putting it directly on my hair.

    Did I mention that this is very light? Absolutely DO rub it between your palms before applying it, or it'll slide right off your hand like a slick bubble. I started at the very ends of my hair and worked the product up, using the little bit that was left to runs my fingers and palms through the rest of my hair and lightly treat the rest of it. I actually applied it right after dinner rather than right before bed, just to make sure my hair would be dry before it hit the pillow. I almost always air-dry my hair, so this was an easy choice, but I soon realized that the Alterna Hair Rescue only needed about 10 to 15 minutes before my hair was fully dry. Already, my hair was softer all the way to the ends, but the next morning... wow. My natural waves were more enhanced, my hair was shiny and SO soft!

    If you have any hair damage -- in fact, if you're just overdue for a haircut and notice that the tips of your hair are fraying a bit -- I strongly recommend this product. My hair is normal (neither oily nor dry), and both thick and thin at the same time -- there's a lot of hair, but each strand is fine -- just so you can compare your results.

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    Dark Brown / Normal Hair / Thick or Coarse Hair
  • Love It! 4 Star Rating
    Got a sample of this with my last order. I don't like to leave stuff in my hair since I have sensitive skin so I put it on in the morning on a day I was just hanging around, running errands. It really didn't have any scent and it absorbed quickly into my hair. Ended up keeping it on my hair overnight and washing my hair the following day. I air dried it and it looked great!! thick, shiny and lots of bounce! buying a big bottle :)

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    / Salem, MA
    Medium Brown / Normal Hair / Fine or Thin Hair
  • Definitely Worth It! 4 Star Rating
    I work in the marketing department here at and when I was first given the product, while I'm always jazzed about trying new stuff, I'm not gonna lie I was skeptical. But never the less I went home and tried it. Right before bed I put a quarter sized amount in my hands rubbed it through my dry hair concentrating on my ends. It absorbs in to your hair immediately. Which was a great surprise since I was expecting to have to wait for it to dry to keep my pillow from getting wet or sticky. The smell is nice and not over whelming. I have naturally thin curly hair - so the next day I washed it out and let it air dry. My hair felt super light and had extra curl and bounce. I've been using it once-twice a week for the past few weeks and my hair looks healthier and more moisturized. Definitely worth it!

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    / New York
    Auburn / Curly Hair
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