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Michael O'Rourke Rock Your Hair Bombshell Big Hair Powder

Rock Your Hair Bombshell Big Hair Powder provides boost, shine and texture.
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  • United States
    Platinum Blonde
    Dry Hair
    Color Treated Hair
    Fine or Thin Hair
    Chemically Treated Hair
    2 Star Rating
    Does What It Says At First, But Doesn't Last, And......
    I received a sample of this a couple of months ago and couldn't wait to try it. I have very thin, fine, but natural wavy, and color treated hair that I try to put quite a bit of volume on the top. Since I live in FL, with humidity most of the time at least 90%, it is very hard for me to keep any kind of volume.

    This product is a white powder that you sprinkle on the roots of the hair - that is the first problem with it. It was very hard for me to get the "white look" to go away when using it. The second problem was the feel of it. The way I used it was after my hair was dry, I put it on before styling, on small sections at a time - I only using a hair dryer and my fingers to "lift" my hair up to add the volume, and even though this stuff is a powder, it felt "oily" on my fingers and made my hair look oily, too.

    I got great volume right after I styled my hair, but even after a very firm hairspray to set the style, my hair was flat within minutes.

    This might work great for someone with thicker hair in a non-humidly-prone area, but it didn't work for me at all.

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    posted Jul 24, 2014
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