CHI Olive Nutrient Therapy Spritz 12 oz.

Olive Nutrient Spritz superior technology with Certified Organic Essential oils, Natural oils and a special blend of extract will provide all day hold and contr...
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  • Charlotte, Nc
    Dark Brown
    Normal Hair
    Dry Hair
    Color Treated Hair
    Fine or Thin Hair
    1 Star Rating
    Sticky Mess! #1 Ingredient Is Grain Alcohol, Need I Say More?
    My hair is long, in a shoulder-length layered cut with long layers & long fringe bang. It's a natural dark brown with highlights done in feb. of this year. my texture is fine to medium and i have wavy hair that can go straight or curly, depending on product.

    i bought the chi olive nutrient therapy spritz as what i hoped would be the finishing product and perhaps a curl refresher throughout the day thing. i bought it along with the chi olive leave in conditioning mask (and daily conditioner) as well as the glaze.

    they didn't have the shampoo, so i went with the dermorganics argan oil shampoo.
    (i am trying to switch to organics and get off the silicone, sulfate, paraben train! :)

    i loved the shampoo, masque & glaze but can definitely say skip the spritz!!

    i wish they had made it with aloe, water, glycerin, or some other main ingredient that is kinder on the hair, but instead the number one ingredient is grain alcohol, and then all the essential oils and extracts, so the alcohol is not diluted at all.

    it was super sticky and super drying, not exactly what i had in mind for a "nutrient spritz spray". i used two squirts on my fringe by spraying it on my hands then fingering it through for a light touch, but no, it was like i had just used a whole can of hair spray! great if u want some mega serious hold.

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    posted Jun 12, 2011
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