Sedu Anti-Frizz Polishing Treatment with Moroccan Argan Oil

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Sedu Anti-Frizz Polishing Treatment with pure Moroccan Argan Oil protects from heat damage, leaves hair incredibly smooth and shiny and controls frizz. Similar ...
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  • Chicago, IL
    4 Star Rating
    Product Review: Sedu Anti-frizz Polishing Treatment
    I tried a very small amount of this product and I was surprised at how much it stretched! I used it on my hair right after I shampooed it and it made my hair very shiny with very little frizz. I actually blow-dried it afterwards and there was still no frizz even with the humidity outside. I have very dry, course hair and I usually wear it big and I'm always looking for a way to moisturize while laying the top part down. I hate using harsh chemicals so this is a nice, natural alternative. This is a great product for minimizing frizzy hair while adding much needed shine and moisture. I also noticed that the product wasn't a heavy kind of oil. It was very light and mixed well with the other styling products that I used in my hair. I would especially recommend this product to girls with dry hair. I really liked it!
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    posted Sep 6, 2010
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  • Hair
    Medium Brown
    Normal Hair
    5 Star Rating
    Like Moroccan Oil But Better
    I received a small sample of this in the mail and was initially pretty skeptical. Im not a fan of being a guinea pig to products but since im a bit of a hair snob and think pretty highly of Sedu I wanted to give it a go. Let me just say I was really, really pleasantly surprised by this product. I have really long hair that goes to the small of my back, and the 2-3 time trial jar still lasted me about 6 uses.

    Smell: The scent was light, sweet and not overpowering or musty in any way (which is sometimes the case with argon oil hair treatments)

    How I used it: I just put a little goop of it in to my hands, let it melt a bit by rubbing your hands together (the warmth from your palms will melt the product) and then comb it with my fingers through the bottom half of my hair (I never put ANY moisturizing treatment in my roots). I think the fact that it looks/feels like oil in your hands may be a bit of a initial turn off to some, but argon oil is highly praised in the beauty community for its ability to instantly absorb in to your hair without making it look greasy or weighing it down.
    [Just keep in mind, a little goes a long way!]

    Heat protection abilities: I love how this product was specifically made to work with heat tools. The only two haircare products I use are a conditioning treatment and heat protectant (I flat iron my hair regularly) and its nice to find a heat protectant that doesn't make your hair feel weighed down, sticky or dry. It also eliminates the need for two separate hair products so I really liked that :)

    I would really only recommend using this on wet hair though since the product will be more evenly distributed and you'll waste less of the product.

    It is also quite pricey, but in respect to other argon oil treatments is pretty on point with the pricing. I also appreciate the fact that it will have a pump dispenser- I was never a fan of those bottles that you need to shake the product out of. Pump dispensers are much more sanitary, economical (less product waste) and user-friendly :)
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    posted Sep 3, 2010
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  • New York, NY
    Medium Brown
    Dry Hair
    Thick or Coarse Hair
    5 Star Rating
    A Must-have For Your Hair Regime!
    Such an amazing product! I use this product every morning on my hair when I step out of the shower. No matter how I'm styling my hair that day - air drying, blow drying, or flat ironing - the Sedu Anti-Frizz treatment leaves my hair super shiny, soft and frizz-free! Love it!
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    posted Sep 1, 2010
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