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KeraStraight Straight Sun Protection Spray

KeraStraight Protect Sun Protection Spray protects against UVA/UVB with up to 8 times natural protection.
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    So Sick Of Silicones Being Sold As Elixir Oils
    My beef is with all products that repackage CYCLOMETHICONE and DIMETHICONE and other cheap silicones and sell them as high priced "oils". These silicone products and not molecularly similar to oils in any way. They look like oil to the untrained eye but they are water repellents used in car wax and and windshield beading products. They do tend to make the hair "look" healthier but are overpriced and sold as "argan" oils or high priced exotic oils when argan oil is usually last on the ingredient list.
    $35 dollars for a water repelling bottle of silicone that cost $0.10... This is not the only offender. Read ingredients! Silicone is ok for hair but don't over pay thinking you are getting an expensive exotic elixir oil.
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    posted Jan 18, 2014
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