L'ANZA Leave-In Conditioner

L'ANZA Leave-In Conditioner is a gentle,deep conditioner that restores balance to hair and scalp.
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  • Hair
    Dry Hair
    5 Star Rating
    Awesome For Dry Hair
    I have medium-to-fine dry, dull hair, and this conditioner is the only one that makes it feel soft, healthy, and not look like a frizzy mess. I have tried everything from hair masks with avacado and olive oil, to every leave-in conditioner out there, and this one is the only one that makes my hair look and feel soft and silky. Also, L'anza does not test their products or ingredients on animals--most of these companies do, so please do your research before buying and support cruelty-free companies like this one. Best conditioner ever!
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    posted May 1, 2010
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  • Toronto, Ontario
    4 Star Rating
    Lanza - Healing Moisture (shampoo And Conditioner)
    I say great. I regularly use Lanza Healing Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner and in conjunction with this leave - in. I remember the day that I both the products because that was they last day I saw my stylist. I was a regular weekly client at Urban Textures but now I can moisturize and condition my hair all the time.Truth:: If you have dry, brittle hair and you dont know what to do, just get moisture. Lanzas products and ingredients, I find, are primarily naturally extract from macadamia nuts and several differents nutrients from the Tahitian oceans and coast. I love it!!! Its great and F.Y.I. I am African- Canadian so I need that added moisture. Use it, good luck.Trust me, its a keeper/
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    posted Mar 8, 2008
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  • Florida
    4 Star Rating
    Very, Very Good
    Imagine a cabinet full of styling creams, gels and potions, all bought to help make frizz prone hair look shiny and lustrous. Imagine all the famed salon brands, the celebrity top picks placed next to the drug-store faves, all semi-used because they failed to live up to the hype. A friend mentioned this product in passing and I decided to give it a try. I may have stumbled upon a miracle in a bottle. My ends, not just the length, are smooth and shimmering. Not that greasy, slickened shine. No, the vibrant shimmer that comes with healthy hair. No frizz in sight. Why not 5 stars you ask? Maybe its the lack of humidity this time of year. Or I dyed my hair the same night I used this. Or its the avocado oil I put in days before. These are the reasons Im telling myself why my hair is looking and feeling this smooth; thats its just coincidence. After so many products, its hard to believe the results. Call me jaded. Will update if theres a change. Until then, Im keeping that extra star.
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    posted Nov 17, 2007
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