Kenra Daily Provision Leave-In Conditioner

Hydrate and nurture dry, damaged or color-treated hair with this lightweight, leave-in conditioner.
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  • Hair
    Curly Hair
    5 Star Rating
    Love Love Love!
    I spray this into my hair when i get out of the shower and it gets all the knots out ! so good, im going to order it again when mine runs out! ill never go back to my old leave in conditioner
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    posted Feb 8, 2011
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  • Indiana
    Medium Brown
    Dry Hair
    4 Star Rating
    Pretty Good:)
    This stuff smells FANTASTIC!! I love how the scent lingers for hours after I have sprayed it.

    It conditions fairly well, though my hair is very damaged. Doesn't work miracles for damaged hair, but it does give it some much needed moisture. And when I use it before drying my hair, my hair always looks much better, and is less tangled. I would recommend this product to someone with dry hair, but for a person with very damaged hair, I would think that they would need something a little more...hefty. Kenra is very lightweight, so it doesn't weigh the hair down at all. I can spray half the bottle and it doesn't make my hair greasy. This is a good thing, but for someone with extremely dry hair, I doubt that it would provide the moisture that that person would need.

    Also, it has lasted me a very long time. I use it multiple times a day, and have had it for around four months or so, and still have two thirds of the bottle.

    The only negative thing that I can say about it is that it does tend to make my bathroom floor a bit slippery, so if you buy this, make sure that you spray it over a rug, or a carpeted area. Or wear shoes in your bathroom- whatever your heart desires.

    All in all, I really like it and would love to repurchase when I run out, and I am looking forward to trying the other products that Kenra has to offer, as I really like this one- especially how lovely it smells!
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    posted Aug 30, 2010
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  • 5 Star Rating
    The Best I've Tried.
    Ive tried many leave-in conditioners including Paul Mitchell and CatWalk to name a few and while theyre all good, nothing has ever compared to this one. Kenras left my hair so insanely soft and shiny. It was the first leave-in conditioner I had ever used so needless to say Ive been spoiled. I kind of expected other brands to be just as good. The salon from which Id purchase this switched to a Paul Mitchell exclusive salon so unfortunately I havent been able to buy it in a while. Its been missed greatly.
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    posted Apr 30, 2009
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  • 5 Star Rating
    Smells Wonderful!
    I cant believe no one has written a review for this product yet. The Kenra Daily Provision Leave-In Conditioner is my favorite so far. The smell is heavenly and the amount that is spritzed is just right (not too much and not too little). The shape of the bottle is designed to easily fit in your hand when spraying all over your hair. Ive noticed results after using my hair straightener, such as smoother and shinier hair. However, Im still going to explore and see if this product IS the best since this brand is my second leave-in conditioner Ive used thus far. Im definitely/extremely satisfied and this will be the product that I will either use forever, or at least fall back on. If youre exploring like me, this one is worth a try (its more than reasonably priced by the way).
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    posted Feb 23, 2009
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