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BodyHonee Non Woven Waxing Strips 100ct

BodyHonee Non Woven Waxing Strips 100ct
We're sorry, this product is no longer available.
  • Overview
  • BodyHonee Non Woven Hair Removal Waxing Strips 100ct (3"x9"). These wax strips are perfect to use with all soft hair removal waxes. Each strip is reusable up to 6 times. Please note: these wax strips are not lined with wax. They are used to remove applied wax.

    SKU: 009334

  • Features
    • 100 Count Non Woven Waxing Strips
    • Made for all soft waxes
    • Epilating Strips
    • Hair Removal waxing strips
  • About the brand
  • You could search the world over, you could search the world under – and still you will not find a product that is as natural, safe and effective as BodyHonee’s All Natural, At-home Hair Removal Wax Kit made for men and women.

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