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Croc Greenion Dryer

Introducing the NEW Croc Greenion Dryer with WORLDWIDE PATENTED Greenion Technology !
We're sorry, this product is no longer available.
  • Overview
  • The Croc Greenion Dryer utilizes both ceramic ball and greenion technology. It betters the moisture levels in ones hair leaving it soft and shiny, stimulates faster and healthier hair growth, prevents damage by smoothing the cuticle and protecting color treated hair.

    Ceramic Ball Air Purifying Technology- 100% Ceramic spheres help to activate and ionize water molecules while purifying the air. The ceramic spheres filter the air containing carbon dioxide into a combination of pure oxygen and negative ions helping to purify and repair the hair.

    Greenion Technology-utilizes the power of negative ions and Green wavelength frequency. 500-575 Nm of Green wavelength frequency push out healthful negative ions in the amount of 1 to 3 million per minute. 100x more negative ions than any other ionic dryer on the market. Resulting in softer, healthier, hair with less static.

    Croc Greenion Dryer, features & benefits [pdf]

    SKU: 005583

  • Features
    • Greenion technology-produces a continuous stream of over 3 million negative ions for softer, healthier hair with less static
    • Greenion ON/OFF switch-Turn ON for smoothing/straightening and OFF to create volume.
    • Lightweight, ergonomic design making it easy to handle
    • Hybrid AC Motor
    • Insulated barrel-suitable for stylists who wish to hold to the dryer by the barrel with out burning themselves
    • Shock tested-built with dual housing structure for extreme durability, most suitable for the professional salon environment.
    • Specially designed cap-allows optimal airflow
    • Silent fan blade-reduces noise
    • 2 Speed settings
    • 3 Temperature settings
    • 1875W
    • Eco friendly- incorporates the use of natural hemp powder, a renewable/sustainable resource.  Less plastic is used.  Reduced static and CO2.
  • About the brand
  • Croc by Turbo Ion flat irons feature patented safety features and advanced ceramic and ionic technologies for salon quality styling. Croc transforms your style with a host of inventive technologies including the Automatic Temperature Reserve, an energy saving technique that reduces working temperature in between uses and activates when you pick your Croc back up. Get the latest technology for a safe, quick and easy styling.

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