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Mason Pearson

Mason Pearson Cutting Comb

Mason Pearson Cutting Comb is designed for premium styling.
We're sorry, this product is no longer available.
  • Overview
  • The handmade Mason Pearson Cutting Comb is designed for premium styling. The Mason Pearson Cutting Comb is a classic "barber's" comb used for cutting hair, it features a straight line of fine, short, teeth. Each comb is handmade, producing a smooth, tapered edge that glides easily through the hair with less pulling and tugging.Mason Pearson combs are made from an acrylic resin called zyle.

    SKU: 008903

  • Features
    • Measures 6 3/4'' long by 1'' wide
    • Cutting comb
    • Each tooth is highly polished to eliminate any rough edges
    • Ends of the teeth are rounded
    • Handmade in Switzerland
    • Lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects
    • Made to the same exacting standards to which their brushes are produced
    • Mason Pearson combs come from Mazzucchelli, the premiere manufacturer in Europe located in Italy. Less expensive comb can damage the hair, because the surface of the teeth have barbs that can catch and pull the hair strand causing split ends and breakage.
  • About the brand
  • The king of all hair brushes, Mason Pearson has a lengthy history in brush making, incorporating the company's original 1885 design into today's handmade creations. According to Mason Pearson, hair brushing is vital to hair health, massaging the scalp to stimulate hair growth and disperse oils evenly for extra shine. Fans like celeb stylists Ken Paves and Mark Townsend swear by Mason Pearson brushes. Trust us, it's worth the investment.

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