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clean + easy

clean + easy Deluxe Home Electrolysis

LIMITED TIME PRICE DROP! Remove unwanted hair forever with the clean + easy Deluxe Home Electrolysis! At-home electrolysis that's fast, safe and simple.
We're sorry, this product is no longer available.
  • Overview
  • Remove unwanted hair forever with the clean + easy Deluxe Home Electrolysis! At-home electrolysis that's fast, safe and simple.

    SKU: 001307

  • Features
    • Removes Unwanted Hair
    • Gentle, Fast, Safe and Guaranteed Effective
    • Perfect for Home Use
    • Economical with Professional Results
    • Retractable Stylet Tip Cant Ever Pierce the Skin


    Set Comfort Control Dial to position one. Push the slide button
    forward to expose the stylet tip. Hold the stylet like a pen with
    fingers around touchband. Be sure your fingers are moist (not
    dripping wet) throughout use to ensure circuit is complete. Overly
    wet fingers will cause unsatisfactory results. Do not squeeze skin
    adjacent to the hair being removed. Excessive pressure will cause
    skin damage. Note angle of hair growth, insert the stylet tip along
    the underside of the hair and into the follicle.

    Use only downward
    pressure as sideways pressure will bend the tip. Hold the stylet
    tip firmly in place. When proper contact has been made, you will
    feel a tingling sensation. If you do not feel a slight tingle with
    the Comfort Control Dial set at mid-range, gradually increase the
    setting until a tingling sensation is felt. This indicates that the
    current is flowing. In addition, try gently rotating the stylet tip
    in the follicle a few times to make sure you are contacting the
    hair root.

    When you feel slight tingling, hold the stylet firmly in
    place and count to 15 slowly. This will indicate that you have
    treated the hair for approximately 15 seconds. Remove stylet and
    use tweezers to gently remove the hair. If the hair resists, or if
    the skin "lifts", reinsert the stylet and treat for another 15
    seconds. Treatment time will also vary depending on the position of
    the Comfort Control Dial and upon the area you are treating.

    Experiment until you find your treatment cycle but do not treat for
    more than two 15-second cycles at a single sitting. Overly moist
    fingers or excessive treatment may cause "pitting" of the skin
    which may lengthen the healing process. Once treatment is
    completed, remove the hair with tweezers. Should you experience any
    resistance, the root has not been destroyed. Repeat treatment after
    48 hours.

    Electrolysis has been successful when hair can be removed
    with tweezers without resistance. Treatment time may vary between
    individuals and depends on the area being treated. Always keep
    tweezers handy to avoid having to take your eyes off the treated
    area. After treatment, clean skin with isopropyl alcohol once
    again. Do not apply make-up, perfume or expose treated areas to the
    sun for 24 hours.

  • About the brand
  • For over 10 years, clean + easy hair has been one of the leading hair removal systems for spa and personal use. Offering everything from microwavable waxes to electrolysis, hair removal has never been so clean + easy!

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