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ph Perfect Hair

ph Perfect Hair Original Black Styler

The ph Perfect Hair Original Black Styler was created to meet the requirements of the most discriminating licensed stylists!
We're sorry, this product is no longer available.
  • Overview
  • The ph Perfect Hair Original Black Styler is an extremely light weight flat iron with a soft rubber finish that dramatically reduces heat penetration to the hands and creates a firm no-slip grip for ultimate styling control. This flat iron is the optimum width (.96 inches) for straightening, curling and flipping. It's not only ergonomically designed but also technologically advanced to please the most discriminating stylists around. The ph Perfect Hair Original Black Styler utilizes the highest quality ceramic plates, produced with crushed tourmaline, cushioned and beveled making it squeeze sensitive while eliminating pulling. It's tourmaline technology produces a far-infrared frequency which will redistribute the hair's natural moisture from roots to ends. Negative ions seal the cuticle and remove pollutants/build up, end result is supple, silky, shiny hair!

    SKU: 006417

  • Features
    • Light weight
    • Ergonomic design
    • Soft rubber finish provides firm, no-slip girl for styling control
    • .96 Inch plates perfect size for straightening, curling and flipping
    • Ceramic, cushioned, beveled plates produced with crushed tourmaline
    • Tourmaline technology redistributes the hair's natural moisture from roots to ends
    • Negative ions seal cuticle and removes pollutants/build up creating silky shiny hair
    • Variable temperature control making it perfect for all hair types
    • 360 degree swivel cord for optimum maneuverability
    • 30 minute auto shut off protection
  • About the brand
  • ph Perfect Hair is a company of stylists who design hair styling tools for stylists! Their ceramic flat irons allow stylists to express their creativity with control and confidence while contributing towards a clients healthy and shiny hair.

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