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HotSpa Foot Bath with Water Heat Up & Toe Touch Control

We have turned up the heat to develop the most unique foot bath ever! The only foot bath EVER to heat cold water!
We're sorry, this product is no longer available.
  • Overview
  • We have turned up the heat to develop the most unique foot bath ever! The only foot bath EVER to heat cold water!

    Model#: 61360   /   SKU: P8863

  • Features

    • Water Heat Up/Aeration/Heat - heats cold water in the foot bath to a comfortable to a comfortable temperature combined with stimulating bubble action and gentle massage for a warm, relaxing water massage
    • Water jets - two powerful water jets deliver invigorating massage with a refreshing spray of cool or warm water
    • Infrared Heat / Heat / Massage - infrared heat pad for concentrated warmth and heat and massage in warm water for stimulating soak
    • Massage - interchangeable arch plates in the tub base provide two massage options with Vibra-Nodes to focus gentle acupressure relief or Stimu-Roll massage rollers for concentrated all over massage to the arches and soles of the feet
    • Pedicure center - pressure activated pedicure center with four rotating attachments: Pumice - to remove dry, rough callused skin on the heels, soles and toes Exfoliating Brush - to stimulate and energize the soles of the feet Stimu-Roll Massager Roller - to provide a concentrated circular massage on the soles of the feet Acupressure Roller - to deliver a more intense, targeted massage to specific areas of the foot
    • Four Control Settings - Off / Soak - Heat / Massage / Infrared Heat - Water Heat Up / Aeration / Heat - Water Jets
    • Pressure activated pedicure center with four rotating attachments - Pumice, Exfoliating Brush, Stimu-Roll Massage Roller and Acupressure Roller
    • Built-In Storage Compartment for pedicure attachments
    • Interchangeable arch plated in tub base - Vibra-Nodes and Stimu-Roll massagers
    • Waterproof toe touch controls with LED indicator lights
    • Extra deep tub for hands or feet
    • Fits up to a mans size 12
    • Easy-to-read fill line
    • Built in translucent hood for maximum heat retention and splash protection
    • Large tub feet for non-slip support
    • Easy to carry with built in handle
  • About the brand
  • Create a spa at home with HotSpa spa tools for personal, including foot baths, nail spas and paraffin baths. HotSpa products feature advanced infrared heating technologies to help you relax and take a break at home.

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