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Conair True Glow Heated Paraffin Bath

Conair True Glow Heated Paraffin Bath softens and smoothes hands, elbows and heels using a gentle aloe vera wax.
We're sorry, this product is no longer available.
  • Overview
  • Conair True Glow Heated Paraffin Bath alleviates dryness and decreases the signs of aging and sun damage, while thoroughly smoothing and softening your skin. Simply peel off the wax and discover your new soft skin.

    Model#: PB8NR   /   SKU: 009682

  • Features
    • Heated wax treatment
    • Aloe Vera smooths and softens
    • Can be used on hands, elbows and heels
    • Gently melts wax in approx 90 minutes
    • Includes 1 lb of aloe vera wax


    1. Place unit on a stable, level surface at a height that is convenient for treating desired area.
    2. Remove lid from unit
    3. Place 1 lb. wax in the unit
    4. Place lid on unit.  Lid should fit securely on unit
    5. Plug unit into electrical outlet (120V/ 60hz).  Switch on the unit.  The indicator light will illuminate
    6. 1 lb. of wax will take approx. 90 minutes to melt.  Operate the appliance only with wax level below the MAX indicator located on the inside of the unit.
    7. Wash hands or feet thoroughly.  Check to make sure that you have no cuts or visible patches of sensitive skin.
    8. Remove any jewelry and roll up long sleeves or pant legs.
    9. If you are sensitive to temperature, test the wax before beginning.  Simply dab a bit onto the inside of your wrist.  It should be very warm to the touch, but not uncomfortable.  DO NOT DIP YOUR HAND/FOOT IN WAX IF IT IS TOO HOT.
    10. With fingers/toes slightly apart, immerse hand/foot slowly into wax in paraffin spa unit.
    11. Immediately pull your hand/foot out, being sure to maintain the open-finger/toe position.  Wat 3 to 5 seconds until the paraffin loses that "wet" look and then dip again.  Try to immerse your hand/foot to the same depth each time, so the lip of the wax "glove" thickens uniformly.
    12. Repeat this process until 5 layers have been formed.  Additional layers can be added to retain heat longer.
    13. Wrap hand/foot in plastic wrap (not included).
    14. Wait 10-15 minutes.
    15. Remove plastic wrap once you no longer feel any heat.  Wiggle fingers/toes slightly to loosen the wax.  Then peel off the paraffin starting from wrist/ankle and pulling it downward, like a glove.
    16. Discard the plastic and wax.  If only one person intends to use this unit, you may wish to recycle the wax by returning it to the unit.
    17. Return lid to unit, switch the unit to OFF and unplug.  Allow the unit and wax to cool before storing.

  • About the brand
  • You can't go wrong with Conair (we're sure you've heard the name before!). Started in 1959, Conair became a household name as a leading manufacturer of flat irons, hair dryers, spa and curling tools. Conair prides itself on using classic quality and innovation to create affordable tools with salon results.

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