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GLOSS Moderne

GLOSS Moderne Gloss Lisse Smoothing Gloss

GLOSS Moderne Gloss Lisse is a professional smoothing treatment that is 100% formaldehyde free.
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  • Overview
  • Gloss Lisse is an ultra conditioning and smoothing treatment for all hair types. Revitalizes the hair shaft with essential oils and proteins to impart long-lasting shine and a smoothing effect like no other. This professional treatment lasts up to 6 weeks.

    Signature ingredients, such as essential oils and proteins, help create sleek, smooth strands for celebrity worthy glamour every day. Keratin coats the hair shaft to strengthen the hair and eliminate the annoyance of brittle strands and split-ends.

    Free of harsh chemicals and is the only low-heat instant glossing formula in the world. It is the most technologically advanced formula that guarantees results without damaging or harming the hair.

    The GLOSS Moderne haircare retail line must be used with the application and maintenance of the professional GLOSS Moderne Glossing Treatment. GLOSS Moderne does not guarantee their results and longevity of the treatment if not used in conjunction with the GLOSS Moderne Retail line.

    Common Questions:

    Is the Gloss Lisse Smoothing Treatment permanent? No, it is not permanent. The treatment lasts approximately 6 weeks after which the hair is completely back to its original state.

    What type of hair works best for Gloss Lisse? Our proprietary keratin based formula works on all hair types -- bleached, damaged and ethnic. This professional treatment creates a keratin bond with the hair follicle that actually works to improve the health and shine of your hair.

    Is the Gloss Lisse Treatment a relaxer? No, this treatment is not a chemical relaxer.

    How straight will the Gloss Lisse make my hair and will i lose all of my curl? The Gloss Lisse treatment is not designed to make your hair completely straight or to eliminate all of your curl. You will see a substantial reduction in the amount of your curl, but your hair will maintain a healthy looking amount of volume while minimizing frizz.

    Can you perform the Gloss Lisse Treatment after coloring your hair? Yes, this treatment should be performed AFTER coloring your hair. For best results, it may be done right after to "lock in your color".

    Can i wear my hair in a ponytail, clip it, or go swimming after the treatment? Yes, you can wear your hair as you normally would and resume with daily activities after the treatment.

    Can you perform the treatment on hair that has been previously straightened or relaxed hair? Yes, the treatment can be performed on any previously relaxed or straightened hair (including Japanese straightening systems).

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  • Ingredients
  • Key Ingredients:

    Keratin: A main protein found in hair that contributes to the strength and durability of the hair.  Enhances shine and reduces frizz and split ends.

    Panthenol: A provitamin (Vitamin B5) known for it's moisturizing properties.  It smooths and coats roughened hair surfaces, making them naturally shiny and soft.  Also known to improve the condition of the hair and its structure through its repairing effects.

    Coco Nucifera (Coconut) Oil: A lightly textured oil that is extracted from the coconut fruit that is best known for its moisturizing components.  It locks in moisture and serves as a protective layer for the hair to keep the moisture contained in the hair and scalp.  It is known as a softening ingredient and helps prevent protein loss in the hair.

    Preservatives in Gloss Lisse: Citric Acid, Chlorphenesin, Sodium Eenzoate, Potassium Sorbate, Caprylyl Glycol, Butylene Glycol, Radish Root, Ferment Filterate.

  • Features
    • Lasts up to 6 weeks
    • Perfect for all hair types
    • 100% Formaldehyde free
    • Smooths hair and reduces curl
    • Keratin strengthens hair
    • Panthenol coats strands and smoothes cuticle
    • Adds shine
    • Reduces frizz and split ends


    The GLOSS Moderne Glossing Treatment is a professional treatment and should ONLY be administered by a licensed salon professional.

    1. Pre-Treatment Shampoo - cleanse hair with GLOSS Moderne Pre-Treatment Shampoo formulated to remove all residue and prepare hair for treatment.  Repeat as needed until hair is thoroughly clean (shampoo a minimum of 2 to 3 times for best results).
    2. Towel Dry the Hair - Towel blot hair very well.  Hair should be damp.
    3. Section the Hair - Divide the hair into four sections.
    4. Apply Gloss Lisse - For 32 oz. bottles, use approximately 6 pumps for shoulder length hair and adjust quantity accordingly depending on hair length an texture (VERY important to use enough product).  Apply GLOSS Lisse with a tint brush as you would apply color taking 1 inch sections starting at the nape of the neck.  Apply 1 inch off the scalp.  Distribute product evenly, saturating and combing each section.
    5. Activate GLOSS Lisse for 20 minutes - Comb through hair very thoroughly using a fine tooth comb, pulling solution from root to end until product is thoroughly distributed and hair is saturated.  Allow GLOSS Lisse to activate (process) for 20 minutes.  No further combing is necessary, and no heat should be applied.
    6. Shampoo with GLOSS Moderne High-Gloss Shampoo - Thoroughly shampoo hair with the retail GLOSS Moderne High-Gloss Shampoo (specifically formulated sulfate-free, sodium chloride-free and paraben-free) and rinse completely.
    7. Apply After Treatment Masque - Apply GLOSS Moderne After-Treatment Masque.  Massage.  Leave in for 5 minutes.  Rinse.
    8. Towel Dry the Hair and Apply GLOSS Moderne High-Gloss Serum - Apply a good quantity (dime to quarter sized amount) of GLOSS Moderne High Gloss Serum.  Comb and distribute through hair very evenly.
    9. Dry the Hair - Blow-dry the hair with good tension using a round or paddle brush until 100% dry.  Must perform a proper blow-dry for best results (do NOT simply rough dry as you must use proper tension for maximum results).
    10. Flat Iron the Hair - Flat iron the hair taking 1 inch sections using a professional flat iron set between 380 - 400 degrees.  Pass the flat iron over each section 5 - 9 times depending on the desired result.  (5 times to remove frizz and maintain curl, 7 times for most clients, or 9 times for maximum smoothing results).  Trim hair by "dusting" ends (optimal but recommended).

  • About the brand
  • GLOSS Moderne, a complete luxury hair care brand with a mission to bring smooth, healthy, shiny hair to those seeking a refuge from brittle, frizzy strands. Known for their formaldehyde free professional treatments, this line is also designed as the after care for Keratin treatments.

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