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Vector Electrolysis Hair Removal System

This electric tweezers will save you hundreds of dollars on electrolysis sessions that you can now perform in the privacy of your home. Professional salons can ...
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  • Do Your Research First!
    All articles on the web that I have read that can be considered dependable say that the most important factor in the success of the treatment is the skill of the practitioner. Even if you could reach all your hairs with ease, you simply arent trained professionally. Secondly, the articles say that the probe (needle) insertion is required and that electrified tweezers do not work anywhere near as well. Put both of those together and you can see that home remedies are like performing surgery on yourself not advised. Search Google yourself for electrolysis and see for yourself.

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    Jan 11, 2010
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    • Dalis H.
      My Opinion
      I find the vector system to be effective if you only have a few hairs to remove. Or a small patch of hair. However. I would not recommend it for a large amount of hair since you have to remove them one by one. I have used mine for 2 months on coarse facial hair. The hair comes back finer and lot less coarse until all the hair root is completely dead, as does with professional electrolysis, which I have done also. The only problem I have is the aligator clip keeps coming unatached to the wire. So I am gointg to have to replace it. There does need to be some modifications done to the alligator clip and the tweezers are a little catchy. I hold mine close to the tip odtherwise I cannot get a grip on the hair. As far as the conductive gel it does take a fair amount of it and the price is about $14 dollars for 2 oz. depending on where you order it from. Hope this helps.

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      Sep 10, 2011
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