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Gray Magic Concentrate Color Additive

Covers gray. Makes colors last longer. Decreases fading. For professional use only.
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  • Overview
  • Covers gray. Makes colors last longer. Decreases fading. For professional use only.

    It is a unique way to cover resistant gray hair, and bring vibrancy and intensity to all hair coloring. Gray Magic:

    • When added to haircolor will obtain coverage on resistant gray hair.
    • Should be added to ANY color formula to achieve vibrant effects while downplaying green tones and will help alleviate chlorine discoloration.
    • Performs with ALL colors, tones, tints, and every "non peroxide" haircolor.
    • Will especially intensity and enrich red formulas.
    • Has additional wetting agents and concentrate color to allow moisture to fully penetrate the cortex.
    • Is a highly concentrated additive that must be used with haircolor to achieve complete coverage.
    • Can be added to neutralizers to replenish color when perming tinted red or warm colors.
    • When added to shampoos or conditioners, will prevent fading and oxidation for tinted red or warm colors.

    SKU: P8517

  • Features
  • What's Gray Magic?
    Gray Magic is a hair coloring additive that is formulated to allow the haircolorist to adequately cover gray hair and make colors last longer.

    Why does Gray Magic work?
    Gray hair is the result of the loss of red and yellow color pigment. Gray Magic adds concentrate red and yellow with wetting agents to replace the lost color pigment and moisture, to "lock-in" hair color.

    Why is Gray Magic effective on covering resistant gray hair?
    The loss of red and yellow, and the cuticle being very close to the cortex (preventing penetration of color) are factors of resistant gray hair. Gray Magic mixed with color and peroxide will lift the cuticle away from the cortex, allowing penetration. When color is then applied superior coverage is obtained, and up to 90% absorption of hair color.

    Why does Gray Magic downplay green tones?
    Most of the manufactured ash tone hair colors contain the blue and yellow. Green is the result of blue and yellow. Gray Magic adds the third primary color, resulting in a neutral blend of blue, yellow and red.

    Can I add Gray Magic to Loving Care and other "non peroxide" colors?
    Definitely YES. Gray Magic was formulated with wetting agents which allow it to be mixed with any "non peroxide" color.

    Would I add Gray Magic to a temporary rinse?
    NO! Temporary rinse merely coat the cuticle. Gray Magic would enter the cortex and be in direct conflict with rinse.

    Can Gray Magic be mixed with Unred and Gold Magic?
    Yes! Gray Magic is compatible with ALL colors and ALL additives.

    Will Gray Magic speed up or slow down processing?
    No! When using Gray Magic in the formula continue with your usual technique and timing.


    Mix your regular hair color formula with peroxide. Then add 10 drops of Gray Magic for every ounce of color. DO NOT ADD extra peroxide! Mix well into formula.

  • About the brand
  • Ardell offers several lash styles to fit a consumer's mood, personality and lifestyle. Preferred beauty enhancers for millions of women, including makeup artists and Hollywood A-listers.

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