Rio De Keratin Do It Yourself Keratin Treatment

Treat yourself to a keratin hair treatment in the comfort of your own home! The Rio De Keratin Treatment has teamed up with Lasio to create an easy, affordable way to achieve smooth, frizz-free locks for up to a month!
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  • Overview
  • The Rio De Keratin Do It Yourself Keratin Treatment comes with the beloved Rio De Keratin Advanced Keratin Smoothing System as well as a professional Lasio Flat Iron specifically made to be used with Keratin Treatments.

    Professional results are achieved easily, even when applied by a novice. For an entire month, the Advanced Keratin Smoothing System works to add shine, soften curls, and remove frizz. It's the perfect pick-me-up for your hair, whether you're in between salon visits or in the middle of a hair crisis. With an affordable price tag and all natural preservatives, Rio de Keratin's Advanced Keratin Smoothing System is an ideal alternative to salon prices and harsher chemicals.

    The Rio De Keratin Treatment is best when used with the Lasio Flat Iron. This iron is one of the top of the line professional flat irons designed for Keratin treatments with it's quick heat up (1.2 seconds) and ability to reach Keratin Treatment required temperature of 450F and higher.

    As an added benefit the Lasio Flat Iron has an adjustable temperature so it can be used daily based on hair type and styling needs.

    Save money and time while achieving salon professional keratin treatment results!

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  • Features
  • Rio De Keratin Cocolada Treatment Kit:

    • Eliminates frizz for up to a month
    • Adds moisture and shine
    • Leaves hair manageable and healthy

    Lasio Flat Iron

    • Heats up in 1.2 seconds
    • Ionic plates
    • Tangle resistant with extra long swivel cord
    • Temperature range from 270 - 450 degrees


    • Wash hair thoroughly using the Shampoo.  Do NOT follow with Conditioner.
    • Dry hair using a blow dryer.
    • Spray treatment onto clean, dry hair.
    • Blow dry hair using a paddle brush or round brush.
    • Using the Lasio Flat iron, iron 1-2 inch sections of hair until entire head has been ironed.
    • Wash hair 24 hours later using Shampoo and Conditioner.

  • About the brand
  • Lasio Inc. is a brand committed to providing salons with products that allow them to compete in an increasingly innovative industry. What was established all those years ago is a company that stands out above the rest as a connoisseur of the Brazilian Hair Straightening. Lasio Inc. values the concern expressed by stylists and clients alike when it comes to the safety issues so crucial in our industry. That is why every product is tested for both quality and safety.

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