Sedu Beach Beauty Sea Salt Spray

Get the salty day-at-the-beach wind blown look with the Sedu Sea Salt Spray - sexy beach hair in a bottle!
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  • Overview
  • The sea and the beach are the best therapy for both body and mind. Sedu took its inspiration from the sea and the beach to create Beach Beauty Sea Salt Spray. Now every day can be a day at the beach. Build volume as you create random, undone texture to your hair. A volume building styling and texture spray thats ideal for creating that "just left the beach" style. Light conditioning oils give your hair a fresh from the beach look.

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  • Features

    • Reproduces the effects of a day at the beach
    • Creates texture and volume for wind-swept randomly textured styles
    • Leave-in formula delivers a shimmery, ripple effect
    • Style in tousled, loose, irregular waves or a sexy "mussed have finish"
    • Perfect for anyone who wants sexy, beach look hair year round
    • Can be used with all shades of hair color


    Shake vigorously until well mixed.  Spray product liberally on damp or dry hair from roots to ends.  Comb through to distribute.

    Longer Hair:

    Twist sections to create "ropes".  Dry hair naturally (or blow-dry with a diffuser).  Run fingers through sections to tousle and create loose, irrecular waves.

    Shorter Hair:

    Just mess up your hair for a sexy "mussed-have" finish.

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