Dermenodex Therapeutic Scalp Conditioner For Fine and Thinning Hair

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  • Suzanne D.
    Arizona46 Needs Help With Hair Problems
    i need to know what really works on hair loss..after i have wash my hair and while i comb it,i cant believe how much hair loss i have,not to mention, even while i wash my hair,my hair falls out,i pull alot of hair out of my shower drain.i have fine thin hair,i cant even keep a curl stay it lasts about 1 hour even with hair products.ive spent alot of money on tons of hair stuff and nothing works,im looking 4 the best product that will stop hairloss and that will regrow hair..if anyone knows of a product to but,please let me know. i cant afford to buy hair products that dont work,thank you very much.need help im 46 thanks from arizona
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    Mar 7, 2011
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    • Tina L.
      New York Queens
      I am suffering the same fate! Anybody out there who can help..... tina

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      Sep 4, 2011
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    • Leah
      If It's Out There, I've Tried It.
      I am a 45 year old female and I feel for you. I've been through it for years, watching my hair go down the drain. It is absolutely de-moralizing. Listen, first get your hormones balanced. Lots of women our age are estrogen dominant, which often causes an underlying thyroid condition. Check with your doctor and get a blood test to make sure your body is in good health. Next, get rid of all your hair products that contain parabens, also skin creams, shower gels, anything that you use on your body even deodorant. A good shampoo to use that contains no parabens is Healthy Hair Emu oil shampoo. Emu oil does a number of good things for your hair, fights DHT, is and anti-fungal, and stimulates the hair follicles. Healthy Hair creates a nice environment for your hair. I hope this helps.

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      Mar 8, 2011
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