Solia Tourmaline Ceramic Ion Flat Iron (1-1/4")

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Solia Tourmaline Ceramic Ion Flat Iron (1-1/4")
Model No: ST114
Folica SKU: A8556
100% Guaranteed Authentic
Cheap Alternative Of Products To Use With Your Solia
Ok. This is basically a guide for people who have the solia but dont have the money for those fancy-schmancy products recommended in most of these tips. Well, heres just a few things you should know: 1. It doesnt matter which shampoo and conditioner you use. I DO highly recommend using a conditioner. Try an Herbal Essences combo (Buy one bottle shampoo, one bottle conditioner) - $5.00 (SOLD AT TARGET) 2. 5 PRODUCTS MAX (NOT conditioner and shampoo) YOU DO NOT NEED 20000 PRODUCTS!!! THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT! It will only make your hair look and feel worse. 3. FIVE WORDS: Sedu Moisturizing Heat Protecting Boost. This is a MUST. - $13.00 (SOLD ON FOLICA) 4. Serum. Serum is your friend. Only use about half a pump if you want to use it daily. Paul Mitchells Super Skinny Serum is the BEST. It is Shine Spray, Hair Wax and Leave-In Conditioner all in one! NOTE: IF YOU USE THIS, YOU DO NOT NEED TO USE WAX/SHINE SPRAY!! It may be a tad on the "pricey" side, but it is WORTH IT! Highly highly highly recommended!!! - $16.00 (SOLD ON FOLICA) 5. Leave-In Conditioner. I recommend using a squirt of this stuff before you go to bed so in the morning you can apply some serum and your hair wont look weighed-down. Try Garnier Fructise Sleek & Shine - $3.00 (SOLD AT TARGET) 6. Hair Spray. If you are looking to use your flat iron to curl or flip your hair, hair spray is a MUST. If you do not wish to use your flat iron to curl or flip your hair, you dont need it. Try Garnier Fructise hair sprays- $3.00 (SOLD AT TARGET) ************************* GRAND TOTAL: 40 DOLLARS FLAT!! WOO HOO! This will last you about 2-3 months. ************************* PROCEDURE: 1 - SHAMPOO AND CONDITION YOUR HAIR. 2 - Towel dry it as best as you can. Now, you can either use a blow drier or let your hair air-dry. Granted youre on a budget, and if youre on a budget you might think a cheap blow drier will work. NO. LET YOUR HAIR AIR DRY RATHER THAN USING A LOW QUALITY BLOW DRIER. 3- When your hair is dry, apply 1 pump of Serum. 4- Spray on the Heat Proctectant and flat iron your hair. 5- Apply a SMALL AMOUNT of Leave-In Conditioner. You can also use more serum if youd like. If you do use serum, use HALF A PUMP. When you use these two together, use them SPARINGLY 6- When you go to bed, apply a quarter-size squirt of leave-in conditioner. 7- In the morning, comb your hair and apply half a pump of serum. *************************** After that, you can use these products as much as you think you may need to. So, there you have it! The key to unlocking great, smooth, straight hair on a budget! You can buy some of these at Target, some from Folica. I hope this has helped you and please remember NOT TO USE SO MANY PRODUCTS AT ONCE!! ************************************************* **** AFTER USING HAIR PRODUCTS, IT IS VERY HELPFUL TO MIX A SQUIRT OF SHAMOO WITH A SPOONFUL OF BAKING SODA AND LATHER INTO YOUR HAIR TO REMOVE BUILD-UP! THIS WILL KEEP YOUR HAIR WEIGHTLESS AND LIGHT! IT WILL ALSO KEEP YOUR FLAT IRON CLEANER SINCE THERES LESS BUILD UP. ) **** **************************************************
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Jan 11, 2010
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