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Sedu Revolution 1½" Styling Iron

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Sedu Revolution 1½" Styling Iron
Concerns, Please Help
Recently I purchased Sedu's 1.5" Pro Ionic Ceramic Straightening Iron to tame my extremely frizzy root-to-ends, beyond shoulder-length, relatively fine-shafted and easily damaged, "Gilda Radner" type medium brown hair. I set it at 350F. The leading corner edge is extremely easy to accidently touch to the ears or neck as I have found and I have experienced a very bad burn on my neck due to this while manipulating around my longer hair. I do love the sleek-smooth ceramic plates in comparison to my drug-store iron and the end result the Sedu gives of softness, lack of burned-residue-scent, and natural smoothness and shine. My old iron had floating plates which seemed to help catch hair evenly without the drag I'm now getting from the Sedu at the contact point near it's leading end at the tip of the plates when it is hinged closed. (The plates when closed together do not touch flat-to-flat but contact only at a minor area near the tip due to design of hinge.) Thus I'm getting a dragging / stress issue on any given hair shaft when pulling iron trough hair, (not good). Also old iron had longer (4 inch) plate than does the Sedu (3-1/4 inch) which though would seem minor, makes the old one easier/quicker to style with. Disappointed also in lack of swivel in Sedu's nice chord. Thinking of returning & purchasing the new Sedu Revolution Tourmaline Styling Iron 1.5". What is the usable length of it's plate? Is the new plate's material makeup the same as the Pro Ionic's which had good straightening results? Is the hinge designed better so that the plates actually make complete and flat contact at all areas across the plates when closed? Also since heat up is so quick, while using, is the iron continuously reheating at temps higher than set at to maintain it's temp which could quickly cause damage with extended use? Having the controls of the Sedu Revolution located inside and appear raised near the plates seem as if they would inadvertantly catch on the hair during use; is this an issue? Thank you for your help in answering these concerns.

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Apr 13, 2012
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