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Sedu Revolution 1" Flat Iron

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Sedu Revolution 1" Flat Iron
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No doubt this iron is incredible, but you have to be able to use it right, too. Decide what hair style you want (Curls, straight, flips, waves, etc.) . This will determine what products you way want to use. And how you want to style. Shampoo and Condition, either with a specific type (straightening or curling shampoo) or just your normal one would work fine, too. Dry your hair (It doesnt matter whether you towel, air, or blow dry your hair.). After your hair is completely dry, turn on your flat iron to the appropriate heat setting. While you iron is heating up, prepare your hair with heat protection, or other products you want to use according to your desired style. Leaving your hair clean also works. Untangle your hair. Part your hair, which ever way is best for you hair. Now for sleek and straight: Take a small section of hair and run iron through your hair to warm it up. Then again at a slower pace. Too slow will burn your hair, and too fast will not get the job down. Repeat on section as necessary. Now, section by section, do you entire head, or the desired part. Now for flips: Take a small section of hair and run iron through your hair to warm it up. Then go through it again, slower as if you were to straighten your hair. At the very end turn your Sedu in which ever direction you want the flip. Repeat on where ever a flip is wanted. Now for curls: First decide what type of curls. Small? Tight? Large? Bouncy? Loose? Heres what you do. Take a section of hair. The width of this section will determine the size of the curl. Run your Sedu through the section to warm it up, then clamp, not too close to the roots unless you want lots of volume. Turn your iron 180 degrees and slowly run it through your hair. You can also wrap you hair around the top barrel ONE time, clamp, then run it down. There are many ways to curl you hair, experiment to find which is best for you. Also if you use two hands when curling, make sure to protect your hands, as the outer plates of the Sedu get very hot. Finishing: After styling, you can put product in your hair to make it hold. Unplug the iron, wait until it cools, clean it, and store it properly. What I use: Shampoo & Conditioner: -Dove & Infusium 23 (respectively) Drying: -Air dry (Best for your hair!) Heat Setting -320 to 390 Products: -Tresemme Heat Tamer Spray, Chi Silk Infusion -Tresemme Extra Hold Good to have items: -Heat proof mat -Comb -Clips Tips -DO NOT USE WHILE HAIR IS DAMP, only use irons that specify that use on damp hair is safe. -When cleaning your sedu, you can use a special iron cleaning product, or just a towel. Alcohol and Nail Removal, are very harsh and way damage the iron. I hoped this help you!

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Jan 11, 2010
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