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Sedu Pro Ionic Ceramic Tourmaline Flat Iron (1 1/2")

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Sedu Pro Ionic Ceramic Tourmaline Flat Iron (1 1/2")
Model No: su-150A
Folica SKU: A8561
100% Guaranteed Authentic
Use Sedu In Conjunction With A Healthy Hair Regime - African American Natural Hair
Sedu is a fabulous product for my natural, super curly African American hair. But it must be used in conjunction with a healthy hair regime. Here are five steps to a fabulous, wavy curly look. Step 1: Moisturizing shampoo (my favorite is Phytocadamia, available at Neiman Marcus or online). Step 2: Moisturizing conditioner (my favorite is Phytojobo Restructuring conditioner - Neiman Marcus or online). This is the most important step. Preferably once a week, use heat to condition the hair. You can use this by sitting under a hard hat, or using the Corel portable plastic cap dryer (very convenient). Corel is available at Sallys. I can always tell when I skip the deep conditioning step. Dont quote me, but I think the deep conditioning opens the hair shaft and makes it more susceptible to adding condition to the hair, which makes it softer and smoother. Step 3: Dry/style the hair (rollerset). I first apply about 3 quarter sized dollops of Aveda elixir (leave in conditioner). I also spray with a protein spray (I use D. Low protein spray, made by a woman in Atlanta who specializes in pressed hair, but any spray that will add strength to the hair will work). I then section off my hair using a wide tooth seamless comb (the white Madora comb available online). Next, I add a dimes worth of Kiehls silk groom (available at Neiman Marcus), and roller set my hair. Because my hair is near bra length, it takes a minimum of 1 hour and 45 minutes to dry. But the time passes by using my Corel plastic cap dryer, because I can take a nap while my hair dries. Step 4: Flat iron with Sedu. I prefer to use some form of heat protectant, and an oil based pressing cream. I like Biosilk Silk therapy (available at Ulta) as a heat protectant, but it does absolutely nothing for moisture. Therefore, I use a pin drop of Keracare pressing cream (available at Ulta) or Coconut oil (a solid butter like substance that turns into a smooth oil when rubbed between your fingers, available at most health food stores) on each section that is flat ironed. Using a small amount keeps my hair soft, but not overly greasy or weighed down. Step 5: If I am styling my hair at night, I then roll my hair using satin covered velcro rollers (available at select Walgreens, usually the ones in an ethnic neighborhood). I roller set while my hair is still warm, which helps to set the curl. The result: Awesomely soft, smooth, curls or waves, depending upon which size roller you use. Sedu is an awesome product, and an important step in my regime!

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Jan 11, 2010
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