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Sedu Pro Ionic Ceramic Tourmaline Flat Iron (1 1/2")

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Sedu Pro Ionic Ceramic Tourmaline Flat Iron (1 1/2")
Model No: su-150A
Folica SKU: A8561
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Straight, Silky, Healthy Hair
My hair WAS frizzy, curly, Poofy and all out ugly, it looked like brown cotton candy after a tornado. it is color treated. now it is smooth, silky, the most shiny and swingy straight i have ever seen. i never thought i could have hair like this. i tried everything and have finally figured out the best way to get my hair to look so good. what works, you ask? here is what i do:I used Easy Straight 3 month strightner-follow directions to a tee! you may not need this, follow my tips first! my hair now is straighter, and takes only 1/4 of the time to dry but still not perfect yet- Shampoo and condition and towel dry GENTLY-do not mash or scrub the hair-only the scalp-gently smoooth the hair shaft from top to bottom-dont rub the hair up and down, and to dry, gently press moisture out of the hair in a towel. use the products you like-read the ingredients-you will be surprised to see the same ingredients in the less expensive products that you find in the pricey ones. USE a deep conditioner once a week-leave on for half an hour or more, wrap in a hot towel or use plastic bag/cap with a blow dryer. ALWAYS RINSE WITH COOL WATER! Use a clarifiying shampoo every other shampoo. try not to wash every day, i wash my hair 2-3 times a week)Air dry-or blow dry using a blow dryer with an ION switch-this really helps. use a gentle setting--you dont want a windstorm--and use low heat. dont dry it till it is bone dry-and point the dryer down the hair shaft to keep the cuticle closed-use your fingers to gently separate hair to get roots. dont brush or comb when it is wet--this is when the hair is most vulnerable to damage. when your hair is 75% dry, use a wide tooth comb to take out knots from the ends first working your way up to the roots. separate into four sections with the claw clips. use a ceramic flat iron-i hear the sedu does not snag your hair-so i am saving to buy one. to flat iron-i use a brush that looks like a flat iron with bristles-the one i have is ceramic, and locks with a button when closed over the hair strand. use small strands-i follow the brush with the flat iron down the hair strand--keep the iron moving-make a few passes, then clip the straightned lock out of the way. i start at the top in the front and work my way down and around to the back, one side at a time. i clip the finished piece over the top of my head onto the other side, and add more finished hair to the clip. it took a little practice, but now it only takes me around 45 minutes as opposed to the 4 to 5 hours it used to take before easy straight and the ceramic brush and flat iron. when i am done, if my hair is full of static, i use my favorite scented fabric softner-i put a drop-the size of a pea-and rub into my palms and smooth through my hair-darn it smells soooo goooood! no fly-aways and shiny! i dont use any product in my hair to iron it, it stays clean longer and has more body. product which seals the hair shaft actually pops like popcorn when heat is applied. very damaging. apply product after flat ironing if you have to. also important is the temp of the flat iron. if your hair shaft diameter is thin, use a lower setting, more on the thick side, a higher temp is better. keep the iron moving, alternate the pass of flat iron brush with the flat iron, LET THE STRAND COOL before you clip it out of the way. for me, a high temp actually seem to help my hair avoid frizzing in rain and high humidity, straightens faster and the it lasts until my next shampoo(sometimes a whole week). i use the flat iron at 400 degrees, i have a very thick hair diameter. when you start at the bottom back of your head, hair seems to tangle up. the way i do it, the finished hair is out of the way, on top at the other side and the unfinished hair is out of the way down below, while you iron a strand straight out from your head between the two. lifting and resting the hair up and over also give the root a little lift so your hair is not flat against your head when finished. and finally, practice, practice, practice! dont give up, it gets easier each time you do it! Good Luck!

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Jan 11, 2010
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