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Sedu Pro Ionic Ceramic Tourmaline Flat Iron (1 1/2")

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Sedu Pro Ionic Ceramic Tourmaline Flat Iron (1 1/2")
Model No: su-150A
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Hair Irons And All Dat
Dear readers, I have had fun reading and checking out the results of different irons for the last 2 days ( yup I am that jobless). I love the before and after pictures ...esp the smiles when sedu does it all. I am of north Indian origion and have very very good hair, thick and with a wave to it. The sedu is great ...but with all heat treatments there is some hair damage. no ifs and buts! I dont believe in heavy product use... frankly I am astound at the amount of time fellow women spend on getting straight hair and then a healthy shine. I have a tried and tested method which works great for me as well as my friend of african-american origin( man she has kinky hair) and a blond friend. Heres what we do. 1. We buy in bulk the shikaki shampoo sold in whole foods stores all over, divide in to 3 bottles. Its extremely mild and dont be worried by the drying effect u will feel on afro hair. 2. Once a week we oil our hair and steam it with coconut oil. apply oil to scalp and work it down to the ends not use excess. dip a towel in hot water and twist till all the water gets out ... spread open the towel and immediatly turn hair upside down and wrap. Thats steaming it. 3. Use half a dollor amount of the shampoo( its herbal), work later and rise ... the last rinse being in cold water. 4. Use ur regular conditioner. make sure u use little coz hair gets awfully used to conditioners n stuff and will behave badly on days u dont use it. 5. dry hair gently. comb thru with wide tooth comb and dont yank. Gentle does the trick. Use ur sedu and u will have wonderful results. Also once in 2 weeks we blend half an egg yolk with the shampoo and use it on our hair. Its a wonderful protein treatment. once a month we use deep conditioning ( more often if u have colour treated hair) ...the product we use is Keune (lecitol) ...Its an awesome product ...superior saloon quality. I hope u enjoy taking care of hair our method. Nilo, Kylie, Natalie
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Jan 11, 2010
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