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Moroccanoil Restorative Hair Mask 8.5 oz.

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Moroccanoil Restorative Hair Mask 8.5 oz.
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Alexis B.
Memphis, TN
Science Class Revisited
I'm am a licensed cosmetologist, and we use this treatment at the salon only for protein-starved hair. I use it at home on myself as well, but only about twice per month. My hair, however, is chemically relaxed, and permantly colored with highlift blonde haircolor, then finally it was colored with a demi-permanent color to acheive a vivid red.
In short, you probably couldn't get any further away from mother nature than I have ventured and still have hair on your head. Of course, I had some breakage, which was cut and blended into my hairstyle, but then I went straight for a major does of protein with this Restorative Mask to halt any further breakage. It worked like a dream because my hair needed it. After 10 minutes in a processing cap and no heat, My hair felt silky, and responsive to styling, and it was not snapping off at the ends anymore after combing or brushing.
In other words, If your hair has not been heavily highlighted/bleached, permanently colored with high-lift haircolor, permed, or chemically relaxed, the Restorative Mask is probably too rich in protein for your hair. You would probably fare better with the Intensive Hydrating Mask. It is important to understand that your hair needs an adequate balance of moisture and protein--and if you have too much of either, the structural balance of your hair is off kilter. Moisture is what allows the hair shaft to stretch, and protein helps it to snap back to it's original length. Too much or not enough of one or the other, and guess what? Spaghetti hair or breakage.
Perhaps try alternating between protein and moisturizing treatments, or if your hair is dry from color or heat-styling, you could probably forego the protein treatments altogether, and opt for moisturizing treatments only.
Consult with your stylist to help you decide what's best for you hair in its current condition. And if something you've bought in good faith isn't working for you, return it and exchange it for something that does.
Hope this helps, and happy hair!

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Oct 30, 2010
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