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"blowout/gotti Cut" Best Tips N' Tricks...
Here is what I have always done whenever I got a short spikey lookor the more current blowout cut... This also may help for more curly or thick-haired guys who want the Blowout look but need to "train" the hair first, the Blowout cut works best for fine, straight or medium textured hair. Depends on what u r born with, thats genetics for ya... Not a haircutter or stylist here just my own tips... Anyways, proceeding with the styling tips for the Blowout... Wash hair, a simple Shampoo & Conditioner-All-In-One should do the trick. Do NOT over-condition the hair unless you have dry hair to begin with. This will weigh the hair folicles down when u style ur hair later and make the hair fall down and loose the "spikey" look. Towel-Dry Hair, so that hair is slightly damp.. Do NOT completely dry the hair. To "train" the hair take a comb or brush and comb down the hair straight, yes ur bangs should be a bit falling in ur eyes or at least the front of ur hair should be on ur forehead. Do NOT comb your hair back just yet..... I was never crazy about pomades, or waxes... depending on your hair, whether u have it colored or natural, the aforementioned products may bring out unwanted highlights and tones and be difficult to work with when styling. A MATTE look works best for the BLOWOUT.... Take a product lines PASTE or CLAY in ur hands, and with ur head (optional) upside down, run your fingers against the hair that u just made straight with the brush earlier. Since u are going against the way you trained ur hair earlier, ur hair should now be popping off its ends. Moderately wet a comb and decide where it may be too spikey, this u gotta decide on ur own. If hair begins to start drying too immediately, grab a bottle of conditioner and a very small amount of it to rewet it or more of the paste. Do NOT use water Take Got 2 Bs Spiking Glue, Studio Lines Hair Putty, Garniers Pliable Clay or Short N Sexy Hairs FRENZY and begin to PINCH the ends of ur hair with any of these products. You should be Spikin by now. If The look is too "MATTE" for your taste, ALWAYS finish with a fine spray glosser.. The BEST is: CHIs (CatIonic Hrydration Interlink) SHINE INFUSION SPRAY comes in a red spray can. Logo is in Grey.. Depending on how u want it, with a slightly wet look or very wet, this spray will do the trick.... All these tips and you didnt even have to use a blowdryer.... Additionally, usually your local Barber cannot do a BLOWOUT... You should go to a SALON, you would be better off calling around and "shopping for" a cutter that specializes in the cut itself. If you say "BLOWOUT" or "GOTTI CUT" the modern haircutter person SHOULD know what u r talking about, if they dont then keeping calling salons til they do. The cut is simple, tapered ends on the sides, a bit more on top to play with and squared off in the back. To me its more the way you shape and use the products on ur hair then the cut itself. You are getting more of a square cut, and then just shaping it more so with the products. Its like an overgrown Flat-Top except you have way more hair. Hope these tips helped, if any questions e-mail me directly at: wjkphoto (@) yahoo . com Have photographed alot of models and such with this type of haircut so... familar with the style. Live on the East Coast here.. Connecticut, and more or less its a very popular style here, as well as MA, NY, NJ and NH....

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Jan 11, 2010
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